Most offensive character?

Hey Scott, hope you and the family are well and coping with the situation as best you can.

What would you say the most offensive character the WWF/E or any company has presented?

Volkoff and the Soviets in the 80's?
Slaughter and the Gulf War traitor was before my time but seemed to inflame people.
The Nation of Domination;
La Resistance and their pro-French/Canadian/Quebecois/whatever?
Joey Ryan?

For me it has to be Muhammad Hassan. Aside from being a truly terrible wrestler I still can't believe the Undertaker angle happened nearly 15 years on.

Hassan was bad but at least they started out with good intentions for the character.  Kenzo Suzuki started out as vignettes for a character named Hirohito who was apparently going to try to nuke the United States in retribution for World War II, so that's up there as well.  Plus of course Gangrel was offensive to Vampire-Americans by marginalizing their blood-drinking and turning it into “viscous red liquid”.