Savage takes the leap

Hi Scott, I was going thru some of your old rants and I saw the rant for famous The Main Event #2 in 1989 featuring the famous Savage heel turn. You remarked that it was a shame they turned Randy into such a joke after Wrestlemania V after an all time great heel run. It never would’ve happened in this universe, but if Savage were to jump to the NWA right after Wrestlemania, who do you program him with? 

P.S. God, could you imagine him and middle aged and crazy Terry Funk rampaging over the NWA leading to the tag match with Sting and Flair at Halloween Havoc? Awesome.

Yeah, he'd fit right in.  I'd put him against Sting and they could have a crazy good series of matches and rip up the undercard.  Plus it would give 89 NWA some much needed star power.