Smackdown Special

Smackdown Special
Date: November 29, 2005
Location: US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

This is a bonus show for the sake of….I’m really not sure actually but it’s airing live and it’s only an hour long. We have two matches this time around with Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show and Match #2 in the Best of Seven series for the US Title. If either of those is good then the show will probably be a success. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Booker T. vs. Chris Benoit

Match #2 in the Best of Seven series with Booker, with Sharmell, up 1-0. Benoit starts fast and snaps off a suplex, followed by a belly to back for two. Booker gets in a hot shot for a breather but Benoit is right back with a northern lights suplex for two more. A backdrop puts Booker on the floor but the dive through the ropes leaves Benoit crashing.

Back from a break with Cole saying this is World Wrestling Entertainment and recapping the story, plus Tazz saying who is in which color gear. Why is that such a rare thing to say? Someone flipping through the channels and seeing this as they come back from a break is told in about ten seconds what is going on and who is who. Do that more often. Benoit fights out of a bow and arrow but gets spinwheel kicked and side slammed for two. Some suplexes (with Tazz explaining the differences) take Booker down and a German suplex cuts off the comeback.

Sharmell offers a distraction but Benoit hits the Swan Dive for a delayed two anyway. They fight to the apron with Benoit being knocked into the barricade for….two, though there might have been a botch as the referee just stopped counting. To Nick Patrick’s credit though, he signaled that Benoit’s shoulder was up so if it was a botch (and it might not have been), Patrick made a great save there. Another German suplex drops Booker but he’s right back with the ax kick for the pin and the 2-0 lead.

Rating: C+. They were hitting each other hard here though you could tell something was off at the end. At least they didn’t get lost or anything though and just had Booker hit his finisher for the fast win. There was nothing here that was bad and they are going to be fine doing (likely) five more matches.

Video on Eddie Guerrero.

Earlier today, Rey prayed for Eddie to be his guardian angel and dedicated his match to him.

Video on Rey Mysterio, explaining the idea of lucha libre as free form wrestling.

Video on Big Show, who is big and strong, including swinging Mysterio, then tied to a backboard, against the post.

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey rides out in the low rider to Eddie’s music (walking past a CM Punk sign on the way to the ring) and it’s time to stick and move to start. Show throws him to the floor early on but Rey slips back in and hits a baseball slide. Back from a break with Show throwing him around and hitting a big forearm to the spine. The choking/face shoving is on as Rey shouts for Eddie. There’s an elbow drop, which Tazz says is like a redwood tree falling on a bicycle. So Rey Mysterio is a bicycle. The things you learn on live television.

Show throws him outside and then back in, allowing Rey to hit a dropkick through the ropes. That just annoys Show, who powerbombs him onto the hood of the low rider. Back from a break with Rey biting at the face but Show shrugs him off, meaning it’s a ref bump. Show grabs a chair but Rey takes it away and unloads on him. More shots put Show down and the frog splash connects, drawing out Kane. There’s the double chokeslam so here’s Undertaker to scare Kane off. We’ll say the match is thrown out somewhere in here.

Rating: C-. This is the kind of pairing where there is only so much that they can do and that limit was reached. I did like that they went with the gimmick ending rather than the fluke or even clean finish as there was no need to have either of them take a fall here. Not bad, but you can’t get much out of Rey sticking and moving and then getting beaten up for most of the match.

Post match, Show gets taken down and Kane runs back in to get chokeslammed. A big boot puts Show on the floor but here’s Randy Orton with an RKO (with Undertaker taking it like a swinging neckbreaker). Randy and his dad Bob look at the low rider as Undertaker sits up. With nothing else working, Randy grabs a tire iron from the trunk and knocks Undertaker silly. Another shot to the head with the tire iron knocks Undertaker cold over the back seat so Randy jumps in the car and backs it through the set. Randy gets out and a bunch of explosions go off to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. It was a quick sit and I liked enough of it so call it a nice bonus. I liked that they treated it like something for new fans, as so much of the regular shows are only for new viewers. That helped a lot here and is something I could go for more often. It’s nothing you need to see, but you can almost guarantee another Undertaker vs. Orton match for Armageddon. Your mileage may vary there, just as it probably will here.

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