Hope all is well with you and the family in these awful times.

I’ve got a couple Hogan questions for ya.

The first one is do you think he gets enough credit for the second big boom of the modern wrestling era? We know that the winners get to rewrite history but I’m of the opinion Hogan’s turn and the nWo is what put eyes back on wrestling. Stone Cold/McMahon took it to further levels but it ain’t getting there without WCW being what it was at that point.

My other question is do you think Hulk got that last title reign in 02 not just because of the big pops he was getting but Vince wanting him to be the final WWF and first WWE champ? Funny that would’ve been another notch on HHH’s belt, if not for Hulk.

Hulk makes sure that Hulk gets exactly as much credit as Hulk deserves and then some.

And no, there was no inkling about the World Wildlife Fund debacle when Hulk got the title.  If anything HHH would have been the one to annoint himself first champion of the WWE at that point.