Hennig the Horseman

Happy Sunday, Scott!

As I continue working my way through Nitro-era WCW, I’ve reached late summer/early fall 97, where we had Arn Anderson’s emotional retirement and Curt Hennig recruited to become the new Enforcer of the Horsemen. Now, we all know how things ended up – but I’m curious, what if it hadn’t? What if someone, somehow realized that the NWO was getting bloated and stale, and that fans wanted to see WCW/the Horseman be competitive with them, as a faction?

If Hennig embraces the Horseman role, the group goes on to win WarGames and capture some titles, does it go down as a decent incarnation of the Horsemen? And does it maybe change the long term fortunes of the company if they start giving the WCW groups more wins?

I think that's a stretch.  Hennig was clearly checked out before he even got there.