Daily News Update – May 3, 2020

So Jim “Sinister Minister” Mitchell e-mailed me last night out of nowhere, because a book review of Kanyon’s biography done by former blog writer Chris Cucchiara had been bugging him for 7 years.  Basically there was a bunch of inaccuracies in Kanyon’s relationship with James and other stuff, and it was amazingly detailed and articulate email, as you’d expect.  Unfortunately my name is now on Chris’s postings because he’s gone, so James thought I had written the review. I gently informed James that in fact Chris had passed away years ago due to his own personal demons and I didn’t write it (and haven’t even read the book) but asked permission to post the e-mail because it’s fascinating stuff and actually really detailed and personal.  We’ll see how that goes.

Also, the new episode of Harley Quinn that aired this weekend featured an opening gag with two comic book fans complaining about the show that probably would hit REALLY close to home for a certain segment of the wrestling fanbase.  The t-shirts alone were AMAZING.

Anyway, to the news…

DATELINE:  Kevin Owens Injured


DATELINE:  Becky Lynch Appearing In Marvel Cinematic Universe


Anyway, Ring of Honor’s month of posting free matches on YouTube is done, so we’ll turn to New Japan for content for a while.