Steiner Math

I was watching The Steiners v. Sting/Luger, and couldn't help but think that Scott Steiner should be selling, like, so much less. He was legitimately a genetic freak back then and could have developed into an ultra-athletic badass instead of the musclebound whatever he ended up being. This isn't much of a question, but how did you feel about him back then, and what were you thinking?

I was a huge fan at the time and I was obsessed with the Frankensteiner as a finisher.  Just the fact that not only could a guy who looked like that do a rana, but the way he would hurl the guy into the ropes and snap off the move like an offensive blast instead of the plain forward roll that most people since then take it.  But by 1991 when he started ballooning, I was off the train for a while and never really got back into him again until the Big Poppa Pump era.