Hogan pinning The Iron Sheik

Hey Scott,

I was just lazily watching a WWE top ten on FB and noticed that when Hogan pins the Sheik for the World Title he hooks the leg, hooks the head and clasps his hands together.

He never normally does that, was there any indication / speculation that Sheik might kick out before / in three (he actually does straight after three anyway) as it was so unlike a normal Hogan cover it just stands out.

By the way thanks for keeping the page so busy during these testing times. Loving the TNA reviews.

Stay safe.

I don't think they ever addressed it in any way, but you can easily kayfabe it that Hogan was paranoid about someone running in and costing him the title after months of dealing with Bockwinkel, or having the decision reversed, so he REALLY wanted to make sure he got the secure pin and got his first World title.