The Mountie

Hello Scott.  Hope all is well.

I was reading some of the old Wrestling Observer Flashbacks from early 1991 and never realized how much heat the Mountie character was getting from outside the WWE to the point where they almost had to drop the gimmick completely early on.  As a kid, I always thought the Mountie was a great mid card heel and the Observer flashbacks made me youtube a few of his old matches and promos from the early 90s.  After watching them, it really reinforced, to me, how he was a fantastic cocky, delusional heel and Jacques Rougeau did a tremendous job with the character.  His post match antics were always entertaining, especially when he started singing his “I”m the Mountie” theme song a la the Honky Tonk Man.  His feud with the Big Bossman is one of my all time favorite feuds and its so nice to hear him in shoot interviews tell how much fun he had during that time. 

My question to you is, what did you think of the Mountie character?  Does Jacques Rougeau not get enough credit for the work he did in that role?  And could the WWE have done more with Rougeau after the Mountie and Quebecers runs? 

This is gonna sound weird but I never saw much of the Mountie because he was usually edited out of the Canadian broadcasts of the show due to the ongoing legal problems with the RCMP.  So it was a weird disconnect where I'd only ever see him on PPV or if I caught the US feed of Superstars.  He was definitely a fine midcard heel, but it had a shelf life.