Tazz in WWF/E

Hey Scott,

Really random question, but do you have any notion of what the plans were for Tazz when he was first brought in? They debut him at the Rumble choking out Angle, he gets more or less immediately shuffled down the card, and by Summerslam he's jobbing to Jerry Lawler. 

What was the deal there? Did Vince hire him without meeting him and was surprised by his height when he showed up for the Rumble show? Was that one show just a weird outlier and I'm overthinking this or did they actually have plans for him? 

I think they kinda had plans for him, but he was notoriously prickly to deal with a lot of the time and that didn't help his case, and then Saturn immediately scooped his spot on the card and did it better and Tazz was left dead in the water.