How did Cena and Orton win so many titles?

I stopped following wrestling in 2002, and I picked it back up last year at Wrestlemania now that I'm a stay-at-home dad. I was shocked to learn that, in the interim, John Cena and Randy Orton both entered the top five for most world titles, along with Hogan, Flair, and Triple H. This seemed weird to me, so I looked at the windows in which they won their titles. Orton won his first in 2004 and his last in 2013, which is a window of 9 years. Cena won his first in 2005 and his last in 2017, which is 12 years. Hogan? 18 years. Flair? 21. Triple H? 17.

So how did Orton and Cena rack up all those world titles in such smaller windows and in the same era? Did they just trade them back and forth for 5 years or something? 

I'm also curious about Cena's relationship with his fanbase. I've been trying to catch up by watching the Wrestlemanias between 2002 and now, and, after Cena beat JBL to a big pop, it seems like every time he has a match at the following Wrestlemanias he comes out to mixed reactions or boos, even when he comes in with tommy guns or a marching band or in a sports car. I thought he was a mega-face for most of his career, but it feels like, year after year, fans are booing him when they're not supposed to be. Was it mostly like that?


Man, this is like Brendan Fraser coming out of the time capsule in Blast from the Past.  Talk about a different discussion than we usually have here.  

Yeah, Cena has had a weird relationship with the fans for years now, with children and women mostly cheering him and men booing him.  But everyone respects him deep down because he delivers in the big matches, so it's not booing with malice or anything.  At this point it's mostly just “part of the show” with Cena, and in fact when he does house shows it's pretty much 100% positive reaction for him.  

Cena and Orton did in fact trade the World title a few times, and they've also benefitted from the title splitting and unsplitting a couple of times (they had a unification match in 2013, for example).  Orton once ended up getting two title reigns in one night against HHH in 2008, I think.  I lost track after a while too.  

Anyway, the product is pretty horrible now, but if you have the WWE Network it's a fantastic way to catch up on some stuff that you may have missed at the time.