Hogan/Belzer Question

Hey Scott!

Got a question for you…a lot of people have been talking about the Dr. D “Dark Side…“ episode on The BoD, but I’ve not really seen a lot of discussion about the Hulk Hogan/Richard Belzer video clip that was prominently featured at the end.

That was, without question, one of the scariest clips I’ve ever seen. Belzer’s head cracks on the studio floor like Shane McMahon at the 2001 KOTR. As a fan, this was far more tragic and jolting to watch than the “Stossel Slap“.

I know they said that Hogan was “The Golden Boy” during this period, but if this happened in 2020 (with greater awareness on Social Media), do you think someone’s career (or Wrestling in general) could have been damaged by an incident like this?

Thanks for getting all of us through the Pandemic, brother! Cheers!

Honestly I think it was just an accident and I don't Hulk was trying to intentionally teach him a lesson or anything.  Plus Richard got a nice new house out of the legal settlement.  Hogan was definitely careless and it cost them in court, but I don't see it proceeding any differently today or anything.