Friday Night ONLINE Party Thread: May 1, 2020

WE MADE IT!  Boy, has this traditional opening sentence never felt more wonderful.

So I was talking on another blog with people about how, frankly, this whole thing has me on the edge of my rope or whatever mixed metaphor you like.  I felt like I was the only one who felt this way while everyone else I saw (on TV, for example) seemed perfectly content and calm at home.  It was then that people responded, no, the mental toll is real and a lot of people have it.  One said “We’re all like ducks right now: calmly swimming above the water, frantic paddling under the surface.”

If this is you, then just know this situation is not unique.  Certainly it can feel like you’re being asked to be useless, to do nothing, to remove yourself from the world. And that’s a horrifying feeling.  But the truth is, what you’re doing is actively helping: you are keeping a plague from being as devastating as it could have been.

It’s unfortunate that we’ll only get the numbers on how many did die and we don’t have Doctor Strange’s ability to look into alternate universes.  Here in the US we’re at 60-65k and counting.  That’s a lot.  But I have reason to believe, from just looking at NYC’s numbers and extrapolating, that we’d be at close to 150k if we tried to let this disease run its course.  That number would be paralyzing to just the US.  That’s our impact so far.

I’m reminded of the story of Truman and the bomb.  We know, from history, that about 220k people died from those two bombs.  Truman asked his generals about what they would have to do to stop the war against Japan (the generals did not know the bomb existed).  It was the US Navy’s estimate that 800k US soldiers — just US soldiers — would have died, and up to 10 million Japanese citizens would be casualties.

It may not be evident, but we’re doing good for the world right now.  We are not alone in this; all of us can take solace in knowing we’re doing this together.  It’s been rough, I know too well, and it will be rough until we can re-open just a little and see friends again.  But the endgame will be worth it.  Life will slowly return, and someday, we’ll look those people in the eye and say “Thank you for helping with my life, or my friends’ lives, or my mother’s life.”

And they’ll respond, “I already thanked your mom last night after stuffing the 20 into her g-string at the club!”  (Much like Jules, there’s my one per week!)

[In all seriousness, as a coda:  Here’s a link my friends gave me that has helped me.]


As for tonight, we know of four matches on SmackDown. Otis Dozovic battles Dolph Ziggler with the winner going to the Money in the Bank Block Party in Stamford.  Meanwhile, Mandy Rose and Carmella meet with the same prize on the offering.  The New Day will test out the Forgotten Sons in non-title action.  And in the main event, Baron Corbin battles Daniel Bryan.  [People forget how good Corbin looked in NXT against Sami, Joe, and Aries — he is carryable to a good match, and I’m optimistic here!]

All right, we went over the rules in the back.  I expect a good, clean thread.  Make sure to respect the mods’ rulings at all times. Now, I want you to touch latex gloves, go to your corners at least 6 feet apart, and come out posting!