Wwe champions

Scott- with all the downtime I got back into wwe champions and have managed to go from one 3gs to 5 in less than a few weeks with the new league system. I'm closing in on a 4sb Shango and a 3gs face of fear wyatt. Are you still playing? What is your faction if you have one?

Yeah I'm still playing, although this is a timely question because the Bayley month-long event has been such a hot dumpster fire that the entire upper-tier community has managed to come together to hold the game hostage with a spending ban.  This month was really, REALLY, bad and the “pay to win” aspect is getting completely out of hand.  It's getting to the point where you can't even be competitive in the events without dropping $100 US at the start of the month.  
Anyway, I'm currently leader of a faction called BulletClubRJD, although my leadership position is strictly a technicality.  My roster was about 875K last I checked, with 5 4ss, 27 4sb and a shitload of 3sg.  Just for fun, here's the top-end of my roster for reference:

I would like to once again stress to anyone thinking about downloading this game, please do not.  It has sucked more than 3 years out of my life and counting and although the “Candy Crush with finishing moves” dynamic is a lot of fun when it works, Scopely are money-sucking shits who manage to destroy the fun in anything by adding endless “premium passes” and ridiculous mechanics that no one asked for or wants and overpriced loot boxes with costs that far exceed their value.  I know this is common to many mobile games, but this one is REALLY far over the edge at this point.