Hulk Hogan 90 – 92

Hi Scott, 

What are your thoughts on the last full two years of Hulk Hogan's initial WWF run, from post Wrestlemania VI to Mania VIII? It feels like Hulkamania peaked in his match with the Warrior, and everything after felt a lot less special and generally uninspired.
His feuds with Earthquake and Sgt Slaughter dragged and he seemed a lot less motivated. No question that he was still a draw and was still pulling big numbers, and there were definitely a few gems from this period, but something just wasn't the same. His matches
with Flair and the Undertaker picked things up a bit in late 91 and finally broke out of routine matches.

And why were Hogan’s matches in 91 nearly all against the same few opponents – Quake, Slaughter, Undertaker and Flair. Hogan used to wrestle everyone up and down the card, taking on any and all villains. It was great enjoyment watching him work a mid-card
match against say the Honky Tonk Man on SNME. I really wish we could have got some wacky Prime Time matches in 91 against the likes of Repo Man, Skinner, Warlord, etc. I wonder if this was Hogan's choosing?

I too think back on how much better the world would have been with a Hogan v. Warlord feud.