The GD DX “Tank”

It's pretty clear a lot of people are sick and tired of seeing these HHH highlights, but it's the angst toward the “WCW invasion” that is cracking me up the most.  I think everyone who has any connection to wrestling is sick of it except HHH, Vince, and probably X-Pac.

I'm not on board with AEW referencing the WWE, but…come on guys, spoof this damn thing.  Have Matt “attack” the Performance Center with the drone.  Have Billy Gunn drive a remote control jeep up there.  Heck, rent an actual tank and pull it into the Full Sail parking lot.  There's not much else going on, and I'd get a chuckle out of this at least.

God I'm bored. 

Join the club.  I’m reviewing friggin TNA to find something better than the empty arena shows.  That’s what we’ve come to!