Rousey vs Fans

Scott –  Ronda Rouseys recent comments about the WWE fans being ungrateful got me thinking.   Do you think there is any truth to this?   I agree that the wwe product has a lot of weaknesses these days……..but I do wonder if fans (including myself) don’t sometimes fall into the category of being ungrateful or maybe worse yet –

A little to smart for our own good.   Whether it’s the different chants at events, always thinking we could and would make better booking decisions and always assuming we know the inner workings of the WWE just because of something that was read online.   

What do you think???  Does Rousey have a valid point?   I mean she came in and gave 100% and delivered in pretty much every match she had and the fans kind of just turned on her.   

Yeah, but it's not the job of the fans to distinguish who's “giving 100%” and delivering in the ring.  The fans are the ones footing the bill, and if they're booing you, then it's your job as a performer to find a way to make that part of your character.  Look at Honky Tonk Man, for example.
I think the best recent example of this ridiculous mentality came from a Twitter exchange between a wrestling writer and referee Jimmy Korderas, where the guy made a joke about how we were lucky not to get a new WWE 2K game this year and Korderas went on a rant about how it's taking money out of his pocket for royalties and so we should be sad that there's no game. But it's like, WWE 2K20 was one of the worst games of the year, and to have that kind of entitled attitude where we as fans are supposed to just blindly buy whatever garbage is shoveled out by the publisher because that's the only way the talent get paid, is exactly why WWE lost all those fans in the first place. And now the fanbase has been distilled down to the hardest of the hardcores with no casuals left for Ronda to sports entertain.