EC3 and MJF

Of all of the potential hires for the AEW can make, one of the most appealing would be EC3. Hire him and put him into a program with MJF with the plot point that EC3 is MJF's childhood bully come back to put MJF back in his place and have several months of EC3 making MJF's life utter hell and brutalizing him week after week in terms of beating the shit out of him. All the while EC3 charms the rest of the AEW locker room and no one lifting a finger to help MJF due to everyone HATING the bastard. 

MJF finally broken mentally, goes crawling to Cody to save him from his tormentor and you have Cody vs EC3 that ends with EC3 being vanquished via a clean defeat and MJF either turning good once and for all post match as far as the months of suffering causing him to repent his evil ways, or post-match MJF turning on Cody because he's filled with unspeakable rage at the fact that Cody IS his superior and can no longer deny that. What with Cody effortlessly beating EC3, something that MJF could NEVER do and the fact that EC3 consistently beat MJF like a worthless jobber in EVERY single fight, no matter how hard MJF tried let alone attempted to cheat to win.

It's self-contained, would advance MJF's character big time, allow Cody a feud where he can win, let EC3 redeem himself after years of being pissed away and dealing with MFJ stealing his entire gimmick, and in EC3's case, introduce a new element to the web of storylines with EC3 as the charming newcomer who has everyone eating out of his hands save for the one guy who everyone hates, who's suffering is the reason why EC3 is there in the first place.

You lost me at “hire EC3”.