Was Roddy Piper the Honky Tonk Man

Greeting Scott,

Still love reading your rants after all those years.

A question Was Rowdy Roddy Piper basically the Honky Tonk Man five years before him? Basically every big matches involving Piper in the 80s ends up with a DQ, a count out, etc. We were all hoping he would finally « get his », but no sir, not this time, not ever.

The only difference is Honky got destroyed in 30 seconds by the Ultimate Warrior. But Hogan, Orndorf, T, Andre… nobody ended up delivering us such an ending with Piper.

I disagree with your assertion and I will outline why with reasons that are threefold, to be listed thusly:
REASON THE FIRST – Honky Tonk Man was never someone who could have “good” matches outside of specific styles and circumstances, whereas Piper could and frequently did because he was awesome.  
REASON THE SECOND – Honky's whole deal was indeed getting his butt whooped for months, but that was never Piper's deal.  If you're thinking specifically of his 1985 run, kinda, but even then Piper was booked to dominate a lot of those matches and even go over cleanly a lot of the time.  I'd say he was closer to Hollywood Hogan than Honky Tonk Man.
REASON THE THIRD – I never really wanted to see Piper get what was coming to him, because Hulk Hogan could suck a fat one and I was 100% Team Piper.