Russo-Bischoff era in WCW 2000

When Russo and Bischoff got together in April 2000, their first champion was Jeff Jarrett winning it at Spring Stampede 2000.  After that they did a lot of switching of the belt with DDP, Arquette, Booker T etc.

If they had just kept the belt on 1 guy be it Jarrett or Mike Awesome or someone else to lead the New Blood without all the convoluted nonsense, do you think that would have worked?    Also during the Kidman-Hogan feud, was their any discussion of putting Kidman
over in either of their PPV matches, that Hogan rejected or was it not even brought up.

I don't think anyone would have “worked” as champion, but I would have just pulled the trigger on Scott Steiner and went with him long term since that's the direction that they wanted to go anyway.