Bray vs. Goldberg “Out”

I know this topic is a bit dated, but since it appears that Braun Strowman is facing Bray Wyatt (and not the Fiend), and they also had Bray Wyatt defend the Universal Championship against Miz (establishing that he, too, can defend the title), why didn't they just have Wyatt face Goldberg as the Firefly Funhouse host instead of as the Fiend?  It allows them to put Goldberg over while also protecting the Fiend character.  It's not as if Goldberg/Wyatt was some deep seeded issue that warrants an appearance by the Fiend (unlike Strownman, ironically enough).  It just seems like this was their get out of jail free card.

I know it was only a month or so ago but that feels like a MILLION years ago.  Boy in retrospect should they have just kept that belt on Bray Wyatt, though.