Mr Keith i have a question about the US title

Big fan Mr Keith, your books opened my eyes to the innerworkings of pro wrestling when i was a little boy.

My question is: Do you believe that the best US champoinship match of all time was Magnum/Tully from Starrcade 85? If you do not what would be your pick?

Sorry i had one more: What is the best match to follow a classic match in you opinion? My pick would probably be the chicgo street fight from WM 13. 

Thank you and have a nice day. 

What a polite e-mail!  Thank you, and hopefully everyone else takes a needed lesson from your manners.  LOOKING AT YOU DAILY THREAD PEOPLE.

Anyway, yes, Magnum-Tully would certainly get my vote as best US title match of all time, although Flair and Steamboat had some bangers a couple of years earlier for the belt, but that almost feels like it's cheating to include them.  A dark horse candidate that often gets overlooked is Lex Luger v. Ricky Steamboat from Great American Bash 89, which might actually have beaten the I Quit match had it not been for a questionable finish.  But Magnum-Tully is still the gold standard, I'd say.

As for following a classic, normally you don't get a lot of high level matches all in a row because most bookers are smart enough to know that it's foolish to follow up after people tear the house down, so usually you'll get a deliberately lesser match after something known in advance to be great, just to give people a chance to recharge a bit.  Ideally the best match is the main event so you send people home on the biggest high.  So I don't have any answer off the top of my head, but it'd be interesting to chart out five star matches and check to see came next on the show to find out.