Uno as JR

Hey Scott–

Thinking about the Brodie Lee vignette from last night’s Dynamite…
he uses the phrase “Uno told me that…” a few times, as if Evil Uno
prepped Lee for his meeting with the (currently mysterious) DO

Does this mean Evil Uno is head of talent relations for the Dark
Order, and is Jim Ross to Brodie Lee’s Vince McMahon? Is the endgame
here a bunch of skits and sketches no one wants to see where Uno is
humiliated, all to make Brodie Lee laugh?

And how many weeks into this character before we hear Lee utter
“That’s some good shit, pal!” on Dynamite…?

I feel like the good shit line was already lampshaded at Wrestlemania so there’s probably not much point in AEW using it.  But yeah, it definitely feels like Uno is scouting talent.  Maybe they’ll bring in Rowan as Pat Patterson.