Monday Night Raw – November 21, 2005

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 21, 2005
Location: Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, England
Attendance: 12,000
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman, Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler

Things are back to normal after last week’s Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show and as a bonus, it’s the go home show for Survivor Series. Throw in the fact that they’re taped from overseas and this is one of the more detail heavy shows in a long time. Now hopefully it’s also a good one to get things back on track. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Raw vs. Smackdown, which wasn’t touched on last week.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Team Raw to get things going, followed by Eric Bischoff. Eric brags about the team but doesn’t like rumors about Team Smackdown showing up here tonight. He doesn’t buy it though because Smackdown saw what happened when they invade. Smackdown isn’t coming because of his soldiers and his strength but Big Show grabs the mic. He and Kane aren’t Bischoff’s anything….and Smackdown is here in the back.

Shawn and company head to the back, even as Bischoff screams about it being a setup. Post break the fight is on in a hurry. The street fight ensues with Batista being chokeslammed onto the hood of a car as security comes in for the save. As banged up as Batista’s shoulder was around this point, that would seem like a way to give him an out at Survivor Series.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Ric Flair

Non-title. Flair starts fast with a backdrop so Murdoch hammers away at him in the corner. That earns him some chops but Flair gets punched out of the air. An elbow gives Murdoch two and we hit the seated abdominal stretch. Murdoch misses the knee drop though and Flair starts in on said knee but the Figure Four is broken up. A charge misses in the corner though and Flair grabs a rollup with trunks for the pin.

Rating: C-. Just a quick match here and it’s not like losing to Ric Flair is going to hurt your career. Then again it’s not like Murdoch has anything to lose at this point as he’s half of a tag team who already lost the titles to some monsters. There wasn’t much to see here because there wasn’t much here, which is fine for a quick opener like this.

Post match HHH pops up on screen and promises to end Flair at Survivor Series.

Rob Conway vs. Tajiri

Joined in progress after a break and here’s JBL to jump both of them after literally three seconds shown.

Post match (even though there wasn’t a bell), JBL wants Chris Masters out here right now. Bischoff comes out instead and says he thought they got rid of all the trash. JBL can have a match tonight, but it’s going to be against Shawn Michaels. That’s fine with JBL, who leaves through the crowd.

Here’s a look at John Cena on MadTV.

Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin

The SUCK is still censored. There’s no referee, but here’s Daivari to take the job. After a weapons check to Shelton, we’re ready to go with Angle headlocking him to the mat. That earns him an armdrag into an armbar but Angle is right up with an overhead belly to belly. Angle stomps away and gets two off another suplex. We hit the waistlock to keep Shelton in trouble so he has to elbow his way to freedom. A running forearm and some clotheslines set up a Samoan drop to plant Angle.

Shelton flips out of a German suplex and hits a Dragon Whip to send things outside. Angle can’t hit the German suplex off the apron but Shelton can hit a DDT onto the apron. Back in and Angle grabs the ankle lock but Shelton makes the rope. Shelton makes the rope but Daivari doesn’t break the hold, nor does he count the pin when Shelton reverses into a rollup. Instead Daivari turns it over so Angle is on top for a fast counted pin, sending Joey into hysterics.

Rating: C. This was a match built around the story and that’s fine. Shelton loses again, but at least he didn’t lose clean (as if it matters to him at this point). The crooked referee thing has been done before but it’s fine for a plot device in a feud like Angle vs. Cena. Angle being the better wrestler than Cena and still needing to cheat to beat him is a good plot device and hopefully they can do something good on Sunday.

Post match, Angle talks about how he and Daivari have been abused by the people. They’re both proud Americans but these people will cheer Cena and boo Daivari? As a result, Bischoff has named Daivari as Angle’s permanent referee, including at Survivor Series. This is announced as a shock for those fans who don’t pay that much attention.

Cena pops up on screen and calls Angle a ham sandwich. He’s going on a backstage tour to find out what wrestlers think of Angle, starting in the women’s locker room. Candice drops her towel and Cena can barely talk but the other women run him off. Next up it’s Snitsky, who is rubbing Tomko’s shoulders. Snitsky: “It’s a kink!” Cena leaves, with a little vomit in his mouth.

Another door is opened and it’s the Boogeyman, who sings a little London Bridge Is Falling Down. Cena looks scared, closes the door, opens it again, and gets “My fair lady”. With that out of the way, it’s time to come into the arena so Cena can poll the fans on Angle. As luck would have it, most of them think he sucks. Angle doesn’t like it and the fight is on with Cena clearing the ring and taking off his shirt to a well received reaction.

HHH vs. Val Venis

They fight to the floor and HHH uses a chair for the DQ in about thirty seconds.

Post match, HHH unloads with the chair and adds a Pedigree (HHH: “FLAIR! FLAIR!”) for a bonus.

Undertaker is back at Survivor Series.

Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James

Victoria and Trish Stratus are the seconds. Candice hits the Go Daddy dance to start and then lays on the ropes, earning herself some chops from Mickie. A baseball slide takes out Victoria….and here are two masked men to kidnap Trish. The distraction lets Victoria get in a cheap shot so Candice can steal the pin.

Post break, the masked men have Trish tied up in the back. They unmask as MNM and Melina is here to demand a Women’s Title match at Survivor Series. After taking the tape off of Trish’s mouth, the fight seems to be set. Melina kicks Trish in the head for a bonus.

Lawler goes off to help Trish.

Survivor Series rundown.

Maria is mesmerized by Shawn Michaels’ new book Heartbreak and Triumph. Shawn comes in and says that tonight he’d rather talk about his match with JBL. Shawn: “The initial contest if you will.” It’s going to be a lumberjack match as per the GM’s orders.

Shawn Michaels vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

The rest of the Raw and Smackdown teams (minus Batista) are at ringside. Shawn slugs away to start but the threat of Sweet Chin Music sends JBL outside. He realizes that it’s right between Big Show and Kane though, meaning it’s time to go back inside. Shawn charges into a boot in the corner and JBL hammers away as the fans are behind him for a change. Weird British people.

Some chops put JBL down for two and Shawn gets two but JBL is right back with a backbreaker for the same. We hit the bearhug but Shawn it out in a hurry, only to get slammed off the top. A hard running shoulder gives JBL two more and the forearms to the back keep Shawn down. Shawn gets sent outside so Orton and company hammer away, meaning it’s a hard glare to get rid of them.

Back from a break with Shawn getting two off a sunset flip, only to be elbowed right back to the floor. Some forearms to the chest get another near fall and JBL throws him outside again. This time Big Show and Kane are there immediately so Shawn can get back in without another beating. JBL knocks him right back down and there’s the fall away slam for two.

The flying forearm connects though and the comeback is on. Instead of going with the superkick though, Shawn dives onto the lumberjacks, which just lets JBL get in a big boot back inside. Shawn knocks him down again and tries the elbow, only to get shoved down by Orton. The Clothesline From JBL misses and Sweet Chin Music connects. Everyone comes in to trade finishers but here’s a taped up Batista with a pipe to take out Big Show and Kane. A spinebuster plants show to wrap things up.

Rating: C+. JBL can be brought up to a good match and that’s what happened here. These two had some nice chemistry together as JBL can do the power stuff and Shawn has the perfect timing so it was always going to be at least decent. They did the right thing with the no contest as there is no need to have one of the big names on either team take a fall. It was the right choice for the right setting and it was even a decent match as a bonus.

Overall Rating: C-. This was a weird one as they had so many things working against them and did what they could. It didn’t help that they had to cram in an extra week of build after last week’s shows had no bearing on the storylines. Couple that with the likely jet lag and the show was only so good. However, with this many things against them, I can understand why the show had so many faults.

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