Finkel in WCW

Hi Scott,
Something that I’ve never seen come up (which is weird and I never thought of it until his recent passing), do you think Eric Bischoff (or any of the bosses before him) ever made overtures to Howard Finkel about jumping shit during the wars?  They had Mean Gene, Bobby, Jesse, why not scoop up the most loyal, recognizable ring announcer from your competition (and really stick it to Vince). I’ve never heard anyone in WCW or WWE ever broach the subject (which i’m guessing is because they all knew how loyal Howard was so what’s the point of trying). They did get JJ Dillon in 96 too.   Just one of those what ifs…
Yeah, I think everyone knew how loyal Howard was and no one would have bothered.  Plus Howard would have probably stooged them out to Vince anyway.