Dark Side Season 3

Hey Scott–

Don’t know if you’ve caught all (or any) of the second season of Dark
Side of the Ring, but the subject matter and show composition for this
season is as top-notch as season one was. I’m particularly looking
forward to the Herb Abrams UWF episode in a couple of weeks.

All evidence indicates the series continues to be a massive (the
only?) hit for Vice, so one would imagine season three will eventually
be greenlit. We have episodes on Dr. D, the UWF, Owen Hart and the
Road Warriors left in season two. What subjects would you want to make
sure were covered if you were producing season three?

Dynamite Kid? The Arn/Sid scissors fight? Linda McMahon bribing Ron
DeSantis with twenty million dollars to have WWE declared an
“essential business?”


Yeah, the scissors fight would be a good one, I think.  Did they do the steroid trial or the Murray Hodgson nonsense yet?  Maybe one of those.