What the World Was Watching: Sunday Blood Sunday II

Like Super Saturday Night Fever, this card was taped from a fan in the crowd.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, the show drew 1,100 fans to Knoxville’s Civic Coliseum.

Opening Contest:  Bobby Blayze defeats Brian Logan (0-1) after a Northern lights suplex at 10:18:

Blayze was a Boris Malenko trainee that worked as an enhancement talent for the WWF in the early 1990s before coming to SMW in 1993.  He won the Beat the Champ Television Championship and the short-lived United States Junior Heavyweight title.  This is a well-paced opener that gives Blayze most of the offense.  Blayze kicks out of a splash off the top rope, avoids another, and finishes with a Northern lights suplex.  Rating:  **¼

The Gangstas (w/D’Lo Brown) (1-1-1) defeat the New Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (1-0) when New Jack pins Scott Armstrong after Brown interferes at 11:03:

An old lady at ringside proudly waves the Confederate flag, earning a loud pop.  As per Southern tradition, there is a lot of stalling before the Gangstas manage to put Tracy Smothers in peril, with Brown getting in some shots behind referee Mark Curtis’ back for good measure.  A slingshot splash from Mustafa eats knees, triggering the hot tag and when Armstrong goes to suplex Jack, Brown reaches in and trips him, allowing the Gangstas to win.  Since Armstrong was getting ready to become a full-time WCW jobber, the right team went over.  Rating:  **

SMW Tag Team Championship Match:  The Rock N’ Roll Express (Champions) (2-1) defeat the Dynamic Duo (2-1) via disqualification when Unabom attacks the referee at 22:32 shown:

This match features the same opening spot as the previous one as the heels try to do an initial beatdown and are repulsed when one of the babyfaces – in this case Ricky Morton – does a flying body press onto both of the heels.  And like that match there is lots of stalling afterward, although Al Snow keeps the crowd engages by getting on the house mic, acting like a tough guy, and immediately running away from Morton when he returns to the ring.  Snow also brings the comedy when he one of his attempts to slide out of the ring causes him to accidentally crotch himself on the ring post.  Unabom tries his luck and gets cut down like a redwood tree by the Express, although a pile-on pin does not work.  Heel miscommunication spots follow, nearly causing the heels to turn on each other and they stall by tagging each other in and out of the match without fighting the Express.  The wrestling portion of the match starts around eighteen minutes, with Unabom hitting Morton behind the referee’s back and the heels going to work.  Morton has his usual excellent timing when it comes to doing hope spots and a headscissors to Snow allows for the hot tag.  Snow is blasted with the double dropkick but Unabom throws the referee out of the ring before he can log the pinfall and the Express retain the titles.  Even though the wrestling was limited, this was a great lesson in working a crowd.  Rating:  **

After the match, the Duo beatdown the champions and Snow tells the Express that their feud is not over.

Before the next match, Chris Candido tells fans that he is going to be sticking around SMW to annoy them and make their lives miserable.

Non-Title, Loser Leaves Town, Dog Collar Match:  Boo Bradley (Beat the Champ Television Champion) (7-0) defeats Chris Candido (0-3) after pulling his opponent off the top rope at 20:10:

Bradley is now starting to sport more hair, continuing his transition as a character toward a more “business as usual” look for a professional wrestler.  Based on the feud between these two, this should be a bloody brawl, but no blood is shed.  What hurts the match is that it does not tell much of a story.  There is just choking with the chain connecting the two men and random exchanges of moves.  Candido does not play to the crowd either, so by the ten-minute mark this match wears out its welcome.  It would have made more sense for Bradley to beat Candido in less than five minutes because Candido was heading for the WWF after this.  After enduring a long beating, Bradley does not sell Candido’s super hurricanrana and makes a comeback.  Tammy Fytch sneaks out to ringside and tosses hair spray to Candido, but Bradley intercepts it and sprays Fytch.  Candido is then pulled off the top rope and loses.  That is a pretty weak finish to end the feud.  Rating:  *½

After the match, Bradley gets the crowd to chant “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” to the heels and when they refuse to leave the ring, police are called to escort them out.

Jerry Lawler once again makes fun of fans during his entrance, attacking one for their big lips.  He urges them to look up the word “repulsive” in the dictionary because it defines them.

As the Dirty White Boy makes his entrance, Buddy Landel hits him in the back of the head with  metal camera case and then denies that he did it when confronted by Commissioner Bob Armstrong.  Armstrong tells Landel that he is fined $2,500 and he is going to find a replacement for the White Boy and Landel will wrestle the winner of that match.  It does not make sense for Landel to want to forgo the first title match before he gets a shot because he was going to be the fresher man in the original scenario where Lawler defended against the White Boy.  After a few moments, Armstrong comes from the dressing room and inserts Bobby Blayze into the match because he was the first man in tights that he saw backstage.  Lawler rants about having to face a “curtain jerker,” vowing to decimate his opponent to show how great he is.

SMW Championship Match:  Bobby Blayze (1-0) beats Jerry Lawler (Champion) (1-0) with a schoolboy rollup to win the title at 12:14:

Lawler continues to downplay Blayze when the match starts, posing with him for a photograph at the beginning and saying that will be Blayze’s biggest claim to fame one day.  In between his stalling, he dropkicks Blayze, shocking the fans operating the camera.  An old lady Lawler insulted at Super Saturday Night Fever takes some swings at him too.  During all of this, Landel lends some token encouragement to Blayze, figuring he is the weaker opponent to face in the next match.  Blayze makes a comeback out of nowhere and when Landel hops on the apron, Blayze tosses Lawler into him and rolls up the King for the upset.  There was not enough sustained action to warrant a rating higher than this.  Rating:  ½*

After the bell, Lawler attacks Blayze in a fit of frustration and Landel happily hops in the ring for the next match.

SMW Championship Match:  Bobby Blayze (Champion) (2-0) beats Buddy Landel (5-1) with a schoolboy roll up at 8:29:

Just like Super Saturday Night Fever, Landel has an opponent dead to rights when he enters the ring.  He beats on Blayze for the entire match, but Blayze refuses to be pinned.  After a superplex, the Dirty White Boy, with a bandage around his head, comes to ringside with Scott Armstrong holding him back.  Landel puts Blayze through the announce table at ringside, allowing Blayze to get some color.  Frustrated, the challenger tries to use a chain, but the Dirty White Boy tears it off Landel’s hand and the distraction allows Blayze to roll Landel up to retain.  Rating:  ¼*

Six-Man Tag with Commissioner Bob Armstrong as Special Guest Referee:  The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette defeat the Gangstas & D’Lo Brown when Jimmy del Ray pins New Jack after Armstrong hits Jack at 13:16:

Cornette’s ring attire makes him look like the third member of the Infernos tag team.  Predictably, Cornette is the weak wheel in his team and the Gangstas and Brown annihilate him on their half of the ring when he gets tagged in.  A low blow lets Dr. Tom Prichard get a hot tag, but he cannot fight three-on-one and ends up in peril too.  What hurts these sequences is that the Gangstas offense is limited to strikes and chokes so the action drags.  It does not help that the weapons used in the Super Saturday Night Fever encounter between these teams are largely absent either, although New Jack is happy to use part of the guardrail to beat on Prichard.  A missed splash off the top by Jack allows Jimmy del Ray to get the hot tag and all hell breaks loose.  In the midst of this, Jack ends up in an argument with Armstrong and the old veteran nails Jack with a right hand, giving the babyfaces a main event victory.  That is another weak finish in a basket full of them tonight.  Rating:  *½

After the match, the Gangstas and Brown beat up Armstrong until the Bodies make the save with Cornette’s tennis racquet.

The Last Word:  This show drew about half the number of fans that Super Saturday Night Fever did, showing that fans were not enamored with the card.  After the tag team title match, the rest of the show had matches that went too long or featured little competitive wrestling.  The promotion needs some more star power but putting the SMW title on Bobby Blayze and having Blayze eke out fluke wins over Jerry Lawler and Buddy Landel is a big misfire.  Fans are cheering Landel at these big shows and he carries himself like the biggest star in the company so it beyond time to give him a run with the top title.

Backstage News*:        Dan Severn’s NWA World title win against Chris Candido took place in Erlanger, Kentucky in an unannounced match.  Severn was introduced as an attending celebrity and Candido challenged him to an impromptu match after Candido lost to Boo Bradley.  The match was said to be a *¾ to **½ encounter that took place mostly on the mat.

*Sunday Bloody Sunday II’s attendance was a big drop off from last year’s show, which set a then-record 4,000 fans for the promotion.  Internally the attendance woes were blamed on WCW doing a show the following week and Cornette appearing as a heel on WWF television.  This caused fans in attendance to cheer when the Gangstas beat him up.

*It is expected that the Undertaker will make an appearance at the the Bluegrass Brawl in Pikeville, Kentucky in early April.  The plans are that he will team with Bob Armstrong and Tracy Smothers to face the Gangstas and D’Lo Brown.

*Backstage news provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for March 7.

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