Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #365 – 22/04/2000

Hello You!

So last week all heck broke loose due to ECW Champ Mike Awesome deciding to jump to WCW. ECW managed to get him back for one last show, where they had him drop the belt to WWF wrestler Taz, who then promptly got jobbed out to Triple H on Smackdown. However, Taz isn’t a regular roster member, so the Title picture is still in a case of flux with Cyber Slam 2000 looming on the horizon.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from St Louis, Missouri

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with footage of Scotty Anton taking on Rhino. Rhino drives both Anton and the referee through a table with a GORE, which is the cue for Rob Van Dam to run down and help his friend Scotty. RVD takes Rhino down with a kick, which leads to security and the rest of the roster charging down to separate them.

After the intro we return to RVD in the ring with Bill Alfonso and a recovering Anton. RVD grabs a mic and cuts a promo putting over the St Louis crowd to a good reaction. At this stage they really should have got the World Title onto RVD asap as he was by far the biggest star they had left, but ECW had other plans for that Title.

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he confirms that Tommy Dreamer will be challenging Taz for the ECW Title at Cyber Slam 2000. They should really put that whole show up on WWE Network if they haven’t already, as it’s pretty newsworthy.

Opening Match
Little Guido and Big Sal Vs Danny Doring and Roadkill

We get a rare instance of Sal actually taking part officially in a match this week, although I don’t think we’re too far away from Guido getting an official tag team partner. Doring and Guido do a nice opening segment that sees Doring getting a good babyface shine. Sal tags in after that, which brings the good wrestling portion of the match to a close. There’s a reason Sal was usually limited to a bodyguard/manager role.

Roadkill and Doring both take turns trying to knock Sal off his feet, with Roadkill finally managing it following a springboard clothesline. Doring gets a nice dive to the outside on Sal by jumping off Roadkill’s back and that leads to the Lancaster Lariat of Lust (Hart Attack) on Guido back inside for two. A cheap shot from Sal on the apron allows Guido to cut him off however, and that leads to the Italians working some heat.

The heat segment is fine, as Sal is competent enough to come in and hit a big move before tagging out to Guido. Doring eventually manages to counter a Tomikaze with a mule kick before making the hot tag to Roadkill, who runs wild on the heels with a decent hot tag segment. Buggy Bang (modified version of the sidewinder) follows on Guido, but Sal breaks up the count at two. Doring hits Sal with a chair from the top rope to take him out and Roadkill heads up with a splash for the three count.

RATING: **1/2

This was fine, as they worked the formula and kept Sal’s involvement to things that he could do, meaning that it all flowed well and held the crowds attention. Good little TV match and it was nice to see Doring and Roadkill actually get some time to have a proper match for once. They really are a good unit and they could easily be pushed more at this stage.

Da Baldies run down to attack Doring and Roadkill following the match. Well, that’s a new feud for both teams at least. Roadkill takes a couple of disgusting chair shots to the head in the process, and Tony DeVito actually comes off the top rope with a moonsault of all things.


Match Two
Kid Kash Vs Super Crazy

Well this one should be a fast paced extravaganza! Super Crazy lost the TV Title last week and it’s not long now until he has to take an extended leave of absence from the company due to visa issues. As expected, both men are quick out of the blocks here with arm drags and the like, and the crowd is very into Crazy. Fans actually boo a handshake between the two guys, which isn’t unexpected from the bloodthirsty ECW fan base.

Kash gets out first big dive of the match, leaping out onto Crazy whilst he stands in the aisle, which gets a two count back inside. Crazy replies by countering a rana into a powerbomb and then follows up with a Quebrada for two. It really is a shame that Crazy has to go away for a bit soon, as he’s hugely over here and you could tell that he was on the cusp of being a genuine big star. Crazy continues to control things, but goes for one moonsault too many and that allows Kash to get his knees up. Undeterred, Crazy follows up with another moonsault and that’s enough for the win.


There was lots of high octane action here but the match was on the short side and a lot of it was Crazy on offence. A couple more minutes plus some extra offence from Kash would have seen this one get a higher rating. As it was, it kind of felt like how one of the more established Junior Heavyweights in New Japan would work a match with a Young Lion as opposed to an enjoyable back and forth match between two guys who were on each other’s level.


Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he sends us to Lou E. Dangerously, CW Anderson, Bill Wiles and Elektra in the ring. Lou E butters up the crowd by talking about how good the local sports teams are, before then swerving them all and insulting them. Man, even Joey on commentary saw that one coming. Lou E does the usual cheap heat shtick, where he insults the crowd before going to the usual intro for his team.


Main Event
The New Dangerous Alliance (CW Anderson and Beautiful Billy) w/ Lou E. Dangerously and Elektra Vs Nova and Chris Chetti

We join this in progress, with Nova and Chetti shining on the heels. Nova and Chetti were another team getting into a good groove around this time, so their shine looks good and entertains the crowd. CW and Billy are good bumbling heels, and they sell the shine well until Lou E low blows Chetti behind the refs back, thus allowing The New DA to start working some heat. The heat segment is decent, with Chetti selling it all how you’d want and the offence looking tight.

Chetti is eventually able to get a Blue Thunder Driver on CW however and then tags in Nova, who runs wild on the heels with a fun hot tag segment. All heck breaks loose with everyone coming into the ring, which leads to Nova getting hung up in the Tree of Woe. However, when Billy charges at him Nova is able to bridge up into a Diamond Cutter in a cool spot. This brings in Elektra, which in turn leads to Jazz running down to take her out.

Lou E tries to help his squeeze, but Jazz takes care of him too until CW super kicks her. Lou E accidentally hits CW with his big 80’s style mobile phone, which allows Nova and Chetti to come off the top rope with their splash/leg drop combo move, known as The Tidal Wave, which is enough for the three count.


Decent little tag match there, although it would have been nice if it had been a bit longer. A lot of the matches tend to feel rushed on these shows sometimes, which could be a result of chunks of the match getting cut out in the edit possibly.


Raven and Francine cut a promo in the locker room, where Raven says everyone will be talking about him once Cyber Slam is over. Francine seems to think everyone will be talking about her though. This gives us a PULP FICTION MONTAGE. This time we get New Jack, who is still coming after Da Baldies. Really? I thought we’d finally blown that off last week. Can’t we move on now? Please?!?! The New Dangerous Alliance is arguing about stealing the show, sowing seeds of dissension. Cyrus and Rhino say that Tajiri will be holding over the ECW TV Title to The Network.

Joey is back in front of the ECW Banner, where he recaps the whole ECW Title scene and hypes up Cyber Slam 2000.

The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm are with Dawn Marie in the locker room, where they say they will be making an impact at Cyber Slam.

In Conclusion

Sadly the only Cyber Slam event that WWE has on WWE Network is 1996, which is at least an important show that featured the debut of Brian Pillman. So I’m afraid that means we’ll just have to rely on watching next week’s Hardcore TV to find out what happened on the show.

This week’s show was fine, but really it was a big advertisement for a show we can’t watch, which is annoying. Maybe WWE can use this down time due to the COVID pandemic to upload some more ECW big events? Get on it WWE!