Live PD Questions

My wife and I are big Live PD fans as well. Just a couple of questions for a fellow fan.

Has there been anything surprising about American law enforcement and/or criminals?

What would Live PD look like if they followed around a department in Saskatoon?

Mostly a lot of drunk and disorderly cases I’d imagine.  You’d want Live PD North Battleford or Live PD Prince Albert for the real action.  
As for what surprised me most, it’s gotta be the differences between state laws.  One episode was jumping between Texas and California, where the Texas cops were pulling over some college kids and found CBD oil in the car.  Not even weed, just CBD.   They’re arresting the driver and reading them the riot act about how this might mess up their career and life and everyone is cuffed. Then it cuts to Cali where they pull a guy over and find a literal gym bag of buds packaged for sale and the cop is like “Eh, might be a ticket for you.”  And then it WASN’T.  Then back to Texas where they’re nearly beating the kids down with nightsticks over this CBD oil.  
Meanwhile here we have literal stores where you just go buy weed.  They even do delivery right now.