WWE marriages

What’s the deal with the WWE acknowledging SOME marriages, but not all. Sarah Logan was made a Viking because of her marriage to Rowe (Erik), Bianca debuts with her husband Montez, even Seth and Becky were exposed as a real couple, but then they insult the audience’s intelligence by having Zelina Vega talk trash against her husband Aleister Black. I get she’s a heel, he’s a face but she’s not romantically linked to any of her clients. 

In an age of social media and twitter and Total Bella’s, isn’t keeping this a kayfabe secret stupid? It would likely add more to Black’s character if we knew he was this dark brooding presence who also happens to be married

See, for me I try very hard NOT to give a crap about personal relationships and gossip in wrestling, so I’m fine with them leaving as much of it offscreen as possible.  Plus then I can continue my secret career writing fan fiction about Edge and Randy Orton’s hidden romance.