MCU Lightning Round

Tired of discussing Empty Arena Matches and need to break up the Montreal was a work / Rebook the Invasion / Why didn't Cena or Roman turn heel / When should Luger have beaten Flair / When will AEW put WWE out of business conversations?

This MCU lightning round is for you!

Favorite Movie?
Endgame!  Maybe Black Panther as well.  
Favorite Character?
Gotta be Iron Man.  
Favorite Fight?
The airport battle in Civil War.  
Favorite Scene?
Cap and the hammer!
Favorite Villain?
Team Cap or Team Tony?
Cap is the best.  
Infinity War or Endgame?
Natasha or Wanda?
Anyone who knows me wouldn’t even have to ask.  But Natasha by a mile.  
Avengers 1 or GOTG 1?
I certainly watch the Avengers more.  
Bonus Question – Favorite Spidey – Tobey, Andrew or Tom?
I’m a Raimi guy all the way.