Best Workers With The Fewest ****+ Matches?

This question came up in one of the night threads, and I was curious as to your take on it. Who are some of the best workers with the fewest great matches? 

I'd imagine a few guys who were legitimately good but kind of in the wrong “era” would qualify- Ted DiBiase or Sean Waltman, maybe? I've not seen much of Ted in Mid-South aside from the Coal Miner's Glove match, but he was often up against slugs in the WWF.
Waltman was called by Herb Kunze “The best worker who never seems to have a good match on TV”, given he was usually doing short TV matches or not against other high-fliers- the Bret match and a few others were great, but his resume isn't nearly as impressive
as you'd think, given his talent level.

Just tossing it out there for the rest of the Blog, too.

Dibiase's a good choice, since you never really remember him as a great match guy and I can't immediately recall many **** matches he had, but he's widely acknowledged as a great worker who could carry others.  That would seem to fit the criteria to a tee.

I'm gonna throw Ivan Koloff out there as well.  He had a couple of fantastic matches with the Rock N Roll Express in the 80s as a tag guy, but he was another one where you could put him out there with a variety of workers in a midcard full of high level guys and he could hang just fine and didn't often have bad matches.