Shamrock in the HOF

Hey Scott–

I’m breezing through the first part of the new Jim Ross book. He
shares an early anecdote about Ken Shamrock, and it made me wonder: Is
Ken WWE Hall of Fame bound?

I know he’s a TNA talent these days, but they’ve fallen so far off the
radar, that can’t possibly matter. He was a big star during the
company’s favorite navel-gazing nostalgia period, and while he
probably wouldn’t be considered a “headliner” for a HOF show, he could
certainly “fill out the card” (so fucking ridiculous that I can use
phrases like that to describe an alleged “Hall of Fame”. But that’s
another topic of discussion entirely.)

What do you think? Kenny goes in eventually, or is there serious heat
between the company and Shamrock stemming from when he left in 1999?


I don’t know if there’s “serious” heat anymore, but he didn’t leave on super-good terms and he’s basically been excised from their history since he left, so I don’t really see him coming back any time soon.