Ok so right to it….AEW from what I’ve read is hanging on mainly because of their TNT extension. Also it appears as if AEW does not want to EVER be perceived as just picking up McMahon’s scraps. But come on now. Yes Matt Hardy just arrived & already some of AEW’s big players are from the E. Obviously whatever adjusted budget AEW currently has, AEW absolutely has to make to a move on some of these guys to bolster a roster that needs bigger bodied wrestlers & talent with WWE exposure….

1. KARL ANDERSON & LUKE GALLOWS as a tag team rejoining the AEW “Bullet Club” the Elite. Immediately cranks up the tag division. Would be kinda awesome really.

2. RUSEV gained quite the following in the E. But he’s best used as a monster foreigner. Maybe introduce him as you did Jeff Cobb, a hired gun. Angle could mimic Roberts & Angle’s guy could be Rusev as a “shooter” type talent. Feud with Jake Hagger to start.

3. KURT ANGLE would be just fine as one of AEW’s “ambassadors” & he can have a similar role as DDP, Jake Roberts & Tully Blanchard. Mentor/manager.

4. Lastly, & I don’t love it, but a clean slate/fresh start for the Revival as a Brain Busters type team could work. Pair them with Blanchard, & Spears too I guess.

5. Zach Ryder? He fits the AEW concept of using the internet as a platform to appeal to the AEW “mark” crowd. Ryder has Best Friends written all over him.

So not quite “OVERLOAD” on the former WWE talent. But why not scoop up some talent with name value who could likely better the AEW product. If done properly & slow-burned everyone’s debut, does any of this work for you? Any of it make sense? Who would you like AEW to scoop up if & when they can?

Once again….love the BoD. It’s shit. I mean the shit. Stay well Keith Scott.

I have no problem with any of it.  Next time I'm on a conference call with my BFF Tony Khan, I'll tell him to greenlight your ideas.