What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – March 4, 1995

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are in charge of commentary and they are at WMC-TV 5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.  They hype a new look for today’s broadcast.

The end of last week’s USWA Unified World Championship match between Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee is shown.

Opening Contest:  Gorgeous George III (w/Big Business Brown) (5-2) beats Scott Studd (8-2) when Tommy Rich interferes at 4:22:

These two have a feud fly under the radar ever since Studd called out George in a split screen promo several weeks ago.  As part of the show’s new look there are graphics with a wrestler’s name as they make their entrance.  George looks better here, exchanging holds with Studd on the mat and planting him with a side suplex.  Studd fires back with a forearm off the ropes and a dropkick but when he locks in a sleeper, Brown distracts the referee and Rich hits Studd in the back of the head with his cast to help his partner win.  This was a good match by USWA TV standards.  Rating:  **

Rich is interviewed by Dave Brown, with Rich saying that he laid his hands on Wolfie D’s mother in Memphis because Wolfie D’s mother attacked his mother first.  He runs down Wolfie D’s mother some more until PG-13 come out and beat up the heels until Big Daddy Cyrus joins in to give the heels a three-on-two advantage.  Cyrus gives Rich some scissors and he cuts some of Wolfie D’s hair.

USWA Unified World Champion Bill Dundee comes out to do commentary for the next match.  He takes Russell’s place at the table.

Non-Title Match:  Brian Christopher (USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion) (10-5) beats Sergeant Victor after a Tennessee Jam at 3:34:

Victor is a bigger framed wrestler who is allegedly a sergeant from Haiti.  During Christopher’s entrance a black teenager is not a fan, just shrugging his shoulders when Christopher comes through the curtain.  Dundee takes digs at Lawler winning his belt in the past and running off to the WWF to avoid title defenses as Christopher uses his quickness to outmaneuver the much bigger Victor.  Victor manages to pound away for a little while, but Christopher hit him with a superkick, slams Victor, and delivers a Tennessee Jam for the victory.  A prolonged squash for Christopher and if you hate heavyweights, USWA is your territory because small guys beat them all the time.

This week’s USWA Flashback is an old international title match between Phil Hickerson and Terry Taylor from 1985.  Hickerson wins the title with a side suplex even though Taylor’s foot was on the bottom rope.

Big Daddy Cyrus (0-2) defeats T.D. Steel after an elbow drop in 51 seconds:

A quick squash for Cyrus as he attacks Steel before the bell and hits his finisher.

After the match, Cyrus and Crusher Bones do a beatdown on Steel.

A video package hypes Miss Texas before showing Sweet Georgia Brown and Susan Sapphire beating her down at the end of last week’s Miss USWA competition.

Russell interviews Texas, who thanks fans for helping her defeat Brown and Sapphire in a handicap match at the Coliseum.  She says she will not be satisfied until she clears both of her female antagonists out of the USWA.

Miss Texas (3-1) beats Susan Sapphire via disqualification when Sweet Georgia Brown interferes at 1:52:

Sapphire was female enhancement talent in the USWA throughout the 1990s and it is unclear why she is programmed into this feud between Texas and Brown because none of it concerns her.  Brown visits the commentary table, saying that Texas is ugly, a liar, and has an ugly mother.  Each woman gets in an equal amount of offense and when Texas makes her comeback, Brown runs in and attacks her to draw the disqualification.

Tommy Rich was scheduled for a match today, but the broadcast runs out of time.

The Last Word:  The highlight of the promotion remains the PG-13-Tommy Rich feud which moved forward today to set up a hair versus hair match at the Memphis Coliseum.  PG-13 are fighting from underneath and since Doug Gilbert has not returned yet it is likely that they will be losing their hair.  Aside from that, though, the promotion does not have a lot going for it.

The weekly USWA supercard at the Memphis Coliseum on March 6 drew a crowd of 1,650 fans, an increase of 540 from the previous week.  The show drew a gate of $10,000 and here were the results courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Tony Williams (1-0) beat Sergeant Victor

-Scott Studd (8-3) defeated Chad Carlson

-The Spellbinder (4-2) defeated Reggie B. Fine (0-6) in five seconds

-Reggie B. Fine, Chad Carlson & Sergeant Victor beat Scott Studd, the Spellbinder & Tony Williams in an elimination match where Fine was the sole survivor

-Moondog Rex & Moondog Spot (4-1-2) defeated Big Daddy Cyrus & Crusher Bones (3-2) in a street fight when Rex pinned Bones

-Miss Texas defeated Susan Sapphire & Sweet Georgia Brown in a handicap loser leaves town match when Texas pinned Sapphire

-USWA Unified World Champion Bill Dundee defeated Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher in a double elimination match.  During the match Christopher pinned Lawler, Lawler pinned Dundee, Dundee pinned Christopher, Christopher beat Lawler via disqualification, and Dundee pinned Christopher.

-Tommy Rich & Gorgeous George III (0-2) defeated PG-13 (10-5-1) in a hair versus hair match when Rich pinned Wolfie D after Doug Gilbert interfered.

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