The Ryder Revolution

Hi Scott,

Couple of questions for you.

Out of all the guys released, who do you think ends up in AEW (Once we're back to normal of course.) Cody seems to hold Ryder, or…Bret Matthews…in high regard.

Speaking of Ryder. What the hell DID happen there? He got himself over pretty huge. Did Vince just hate that he did it, like we all joke?. Did he piss off someone backstage? Is he just super weird and WWE didn't want him repping the company? I know he wasn't DBry levels of over, but he moved merch and popped the crowd. There would be worse U.S. Champions you could send out to get the crowd riled up.

I think it was ultimately just that Ryder got over bigger than they wanted, especially when New York turned on their wishes, and Vince just dug in and decided to bury him.  Sometimes Vince gonna Vince.