Lights at the end of the tunnel

Hey, with WWE releasing almost 2 dozen various talents yesterday, I feel really bad for those let go in a bad situation. But, I hsvrvsomr questions for you.

1. In the long run, do you think the roster cuts in WWE will allow for fresh talent, feuds, when things pick up?

2. What performers will flourish the most in their releases and where? I see Rowan in AEW, Hawkins and Ryder in AEW. EC3 back to TNA, Lio Rush, ROH, Rusev, AEW, or MLW, Gallows and Anderson, AEW. 

RIP Howard Finkel.

1.  I don't think so.  A lot of the people cut weren't being used anyway.  Like, is getting rid of Mike Kannelis or Spud really freeing up roster space for anyone?

2.  Gallows and Anderson are 99.9% going back to Japan once that opens up again, I'm pretty sure.  I think Rowan will probably just go back to the indies.  EC3, yeah, agreed.  Cody's already making overtures for Ryder and he can run their social media.  I think Rusev will be a giant star wherever he ends up and then Vince will come back for him with a bigger contract.