Mr Keith.  First of all thank you for providing me entertainment with your blog during quarantine.   It is greatly appreciated

Quick and to the point.  I loved the Cena-HBK matches at WM 23 and the almost hour long match on raw a couple of weeks later.

1.   Do your ratings/enjoyment for these matches still hold up?   I recently rewatched them both and thought they were both still great. 

2.   Was their a long-term plan for them to feud or ever any talk of Michaels winning the title from Cena at any point during this time?

1.  Yup!  I watched them both a couple of years back and they're still great. Hot take, Shawn's a hell of a worker.
2.  There was no long-term plan, no.  And they apparently offered Michaels the title at various points but he never wanted it.