WWF Monday Night RAW – December 26th, 1994

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December 26, 1994

From the Liberty Central School in Liberty, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels

This week, we will see Tatanka vs. British Bulldog. Plus, The Undertaker will be in action and Diesel as guest on the King’s Court.


The hosts are in the aisle to start the show. Shawn asks Ted DiBiase if he got everything he wanted for Christmas. DiBiase says he always gets what he wants and will start of the New Year right by doing to the British Bulldog what they did last week to Lex Luger.


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. British Bulldog

Shawn asks Vince about Boxing Day as Bulldog tries to work the arm to start but Tatanka keeps reaching the ropes. Bulldog then runs Tatanka over and uses a hip toss to send Tatanka retreating to the corner. Vince says that Luger is here and watching this match as Bulldog gets a near fall with a crucifix. Tatanka fights back and chops Bulldog into the ropes but ducks his head and Bulldog uses a delayed vertical suplex. Tatanka rolls outside and DiBiase comes over to whisper in his ear. Vince talks about Tatanka & Bigelow advancing in the Tag Team Tournament as Tatanka is able to break up a running powerslam attempt by grabbing the ropes as he falls on top of Bulldog for a two count. We go to break and return with Tatanka stopping away as Vince once again brings up Tatanka costing Luger his match last week against the IRS. Tatanka now applies a chin lock/ Bulldog comes back with a crossbody for two but Tatanka kicks out with enough force to send Bulldog to the floor. Bulldog is just able to beat the ten count to get back inside and gets picked up for a scoop slam. Tatanka comes off the top with a flying chop but Bulldog punches him in the gut. Bulldog then hits a snap suplex and a few clotheslines but gets low-bridged by DiBiase. We now see Luger run outside and back up DiBiase. Tatanka’s sneak attack on Luger fails and they brawl in the ring. Bigelow now runs out and its 2 vs. 2 as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (6:43 shown) **. Tatanka & Bigelow end up as Luger was running wild while Bulldog was out on the mat. DiBiase now wants to know the result and we learn that its a double DQ.

Thoughts: The action was fine with a telegraphed ending (Vince saying that Luger was here and watching the match backstage) and with Tatanka & Bigelow in the tournament and a clear match between these guys coming up, it would either be Luger & Bulldog costing them the match or Tatanka & Bigelow winning then feuding with Luger & Bulldog. Either way, however, the Luger and Tatanka feud gets colder with each passing show.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill. Same report that we got this past weekend on the syndicated shows. We do get a Bret Hart interview as he is at home in front of the fireplace. Bret talks about being home for Christmas the first time in ten years and feels rested and got his Christmas wish, a title shot. Bret cannot wait to prove he is the “best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be” and will prove this at the Rumble. Bret closes by wishing his brother Owen a “rotten” Christmas.


Coming up next the RAW debut of Henry Godwinn. Hopefully when this originally aired you all set your VCR’s accordingly.


Shawn tells Pamela Anderson no matter what she does to him he will not press charges. This, of course, is Shawn claiming that Pamela wants him.


Henry Godwinn vs. Mike Khoury

Godiwnn tosses Khoury as the announcers talk about his slop bucket. The annoucner now talk about the Rumble match as Vince believes Godwinn, King Kong Bundy, and Mabel are favorites but Shawn promises to eliminate all three men and will win. Godwinn stomps away then beats on Khoury in the corner. Godwinn now applies a reverse chin lock then stops to gauge Khoury’s face. The announcers keep talking about the Rumble as Vince asks Shawn how he will fare against the super heavyweights like Bundy as Shawn says he will not get tossed out of the match. Godwinn continues to beat down Khoury as Shawn says Bob Backlund could be the champion heading into WrestleMania, to hype his being in Backlund’s corner during the “Holiday Wish Tour” as Godwinn hits the Slop Drop for the win (3:45).

Thoughts: The action was horrible, nearly everything Godwinn did looked awful especially his stomps, but the focus on commentary was the Rumble match, with Shawn and King Kong Bundy mentioned the most as favorites. This goes in line with the reports that they were both in fact the two favorites to win the match. This match felt like it lasted for about ten minutes long.


We get an ad for the WWF RAW video game.


A hype video for Hakushi airs.


Pettengill hypes up the Holiday Wish Tour, which kicks off this week on the West Coast.


King’s Court with Diesel as a guest. Lawler starts off by making fun of the women in attendance by implying they are fat and ugly. Vince is telling us that Shawn is currently green with envy over Diesel’s appearance. Lawler greets Diesel with a “kingly” handshake and Diesel accepts by squeezing Lawler’s hand with enough force to bring him to his knees. Vince cackles like an idiot over Lawler falling for the “oldest trick in the book.” Lawler says he cannot wait for Backlund to put Diesel in the crossface chicken wing but Diesel shakes his head no. Lawler then said Shawn told Backlund everything there is to know about Diesel and how Shawn is responsible for all of Diesel’s success. Lawler keeps ranting about Diesel and says if the chicken wing doesn’t get him then the Sharpshooter will and how Lawler’s final wish is that Diesel and Bret eliminate each other from the WWF forever. Diesel then says his final wish is for Lawler to shut his mouth so he takes his crown and tosses him outside. Diesel then puts on the crown and smiles while raising his hand as Vince once again laughs like a dipshit as Shawn calls out Diesel for looking like the cowardly lion and how he wants to send him back to “Oz.” Funny stuff. Diesel raises his fist and salutes the fans before sitting in the throne as Vince laughs once again. Diesel sitting their looking pissed while letting Lawler rant before tossing him out is fine. However, the part with Diesel putting on the crown and smiling into the camera as Vince laughs just made Diesel come off as the biggest cornball. And, according to the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” they re-taped this segment to include Diesel sitting in the throne at the end.


We get a rundown of the Tag Team Title Tournament. This weekend we will get Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. The New Headshrinkers.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Rich Myers

Vince talks about how anyone could win the Royal Rumble, even Dick Murdoch, but Shawn doubts that is the case. We get a reversal sequence to start with Kwang ducking a flying attack, prompting Shawn to say how WWF Superstars make talent like Myers people look stupid when they try to come at them. Kwang spews mist in the air after hitting a hook kick then we hear from Howard Finkel in an insert promo apologizing to Whippleman for pulling down his pants but was just trying to keep him from interfering in the match. Kwang continues to hammer away as the announcers hype the Vinny Pazienza vs. Robert Duran fight. Kwang uses a dragon screw then a spinning heel kick for the win as Vince puts over Kwang being part of the Rumble match (2:45).

Thoughts: They once again hyped the Whippleman/Finkel feud and the Pazienza/Duran fight. Kwang is just a pawn in a feud between his manager and a ring announcer, showing just how unimportant his stance is in the company.


We then see Pazienza warming up as Vince asks him about his match. Shawn picks Duran to win as Pazienza wants to take a shot at his dangling earrings. Pazienza says he trains late at night during RAW to get hyped up and does his best work at night. Shawn calls Pazienza stupid as Pazienza promises to go after him next. Pazienza does some dopey trash talk about Duran to hype that fight. Talking is not Pazienza’s forte to say the least but Shawn was amusing in taking shots at him on commentary.


The Kama debut vignette airs.


We cut backstage to Stephanie Wiand, who is with Ted DiBiase. She tells us how Bulldog & Luger have challenged Tatanka & Bigelow. DiBiase is pissed that they had the gall to challenge his Corporation. Wiand wants to know if he will accept and DiBiase angrily agrees. Vince says they will try to confirm the match for next week.


Next week, Bulldog & Luger vs. Bigelow & Tatanka will happen.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Brooklyn Brawler

The announcers knock Andre Agassi’s haircut then plug the WWF RAW video game strategy guide and release of the Survivor Series on VHS. Undertaker beats on Brawler then breaks up a headlock with a Saito suplex. Undertaker then hits his ropewalk attack and stays in control as Shawn talks about his Heartbreak Hotel this weekend. Shawn then wants to know why Tom Hanks beat him out for Entertainment Weekly’s “Entertainer of the Year” as Vince tells us that Jeff Jarrett will finally sing next week on RAW. Undertaker then makes the throat slash signal and puts Brawler away with the Tombstone (3:12). Vince then clarifies Undertaker will be Shawn’s guest on the Heartbreak Hotel. We now see IRS and his druids come down the aisle and have a stare down as the show goes off air.

Thoughts: They hyped up Undertaker on the Heartbreak Hotel and continued the thrilling death and taxes feud between Undertaker and IRS.


Final Thoughts: They set up a tag match for next week as Bulldog is now dragged into the Luger vs. Corporation feud. However, the show was a snoozer and they continue to strip away everything that made Diesel seem cool. The action was poor and this crowd was dead for everything besides The Undertaker to close out the final RAW of 1994.