The ESSENTIAL Thursday Night Thread: April 16, 2020

Greetings, fellow house arrestees!

ITEM: Today we said goodbye to Howard Finkel.  Click the link here to read my summary of his career.

ITEM: Cody Rhodes posted on Instagram talking about how much admiration he had for Matt Cardona (aka Zack Ryder).  The two are known to be friends, and speculation has begun of a Major signing heading to AEW.  Get it?  Major?  Right, I’m not funny, sorry.

ITEM: Tommy Dreamer says that given the current situation, fans shouldn’t be mad at WWE or Vince for making roster cuts.  This one was wildly debated in the Daily, and I’ll just say I’m on the side of “Vince did it all wrong here”.  If you want to re-ignite the debate, go for it.

I just wanna watch some matches.  Who’s with me?

Any time I see an AEW/WWE crossover match, I’ll make a point of showing it.  Here, it’s Keith Lee against Sammy Guevara from Black Label Pro!

For you AEW fans, here’s a doozy from Beyond: Orange Cassidy takes on Kris Statlander!  And as the thumbnail shows you, Orange actually goes all out here!

Wrestling in the Southeast needs more love, so here you go: one of the best in the Carolinas, JD Drake, has a full on hoss fight with Jeff Cobb!

And let’s close with a match from our favorite women’s fed, Pro Wrestling EVE, as Su Yung battles Session Moth Martina!  Warning, there WILL be blood.  Oh yes, there will be blood.

Bring the insanity boys!