What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – February 25, 1995

Jim Ross and Les Thatcher provide commentary for today’s matches, which are still airing from Lenoir, North Carolina.

Opening Contest for the Beat the Champ Television Championship:  Boo Bradley (Champion) (5-0) defeats Brimstone after a splash off the top rope at 1:47:

Bradley is sporting wrestling tights for the first time rather than a casual pair of shorts.  As expected, Brimstone offers little competition for the champion and Bradley finishes with a splash off the top rope.

Ross interviews Bradley, with Ross reminding Bradley of his big matches this weekend in Johnson City and Knoxville.  Bradley pulls out a dog collar that he says Chris Candido used to use on him and how he finally gets a chance to get revenge at Sunday Bloody Sunday II.  He accepts the “loser leaves town” stipulation for his match with Candido at the show.

Ross interviews Chris Candido for the other side of the story.  Candido blames Ross for the “loser leaves town” stipulation that has been added to his match with Bradley at Sunday Bloody Sunday II.  He vows to send Bradley back to New Jersey and never to leave SMW.

After recapping how the Dirty White Boy stripped him of his suit last week, the audience is treated to a promo from Buddy Landel who is still sporting the tie that he wore last week.  Landel complains that he is freezing without clothing and vows to defeat the White Boy at Sunday Bloody Sunday II.

Thatcher interviews SMW Champion Jerry Lawler.  Lawler continues to make jokes about the White Boy, saying that his opponent is nervously shaking in a hotel room somewhere near Johnson City.  He promises to prove to people that his title win at Super Saturday Night Fever was not a fluke.

Ross interviews the White Boy.  The former SMW champion says he will defeat Lawler to regain the title and then extract revenge on Buddy Landel.  The White Boy promises that Sunday Bloody Sunday II will be real bloody because he is going back to his roots.

Billy Black beats George South after a flying elbow drop at 3:33:

Black was a Texas talent who was a five-year veteran by 1995.  He did tours for All Japan in 1991 and 1992 where he and partner Joel Deaton won the All Asia Tag Team Championship from Johnny Ace and Kenta Kobashi.  They held the belts for eight days before losing them to the Can-Am Express, a team composed of Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon.  Black and Deaton wrestled a couple of matches for SMW in 1992 and were billed as the Wild Bunch.  Black is hyped as a heel with the nickname “Bad Boy.”  The squash unfolds slowly as Black and South exchange strikes, with Black always getting the upper hand.  A blind charge allows Black to bulldog South and then win his debut by coming off the top rope with an elbow drop.

Ross interviews Black, who makes it clear he does not care about the SMW fans and that he has something in his brown bag to deal with all of the talent on the SMW roster.

Ross interviews the Gangstas and D’Lo Brown, with Brown holding up the “X” flag that the Gangstas have brought with them the last few weeks.  New Jack says it is 1995, not 1875, so this time he can beat a white boy without any legal repercussions.  Jack says that the Gangstas represent the future of wrestling and they will keep kicking butt, regardless of race, as long as the checks clear.

Ross interviews Jim Cornette.  The long-time manager runs down New Jack’s intellect before airing some clips from SummerSlam ’93 where the Heavenly Bodies wrestled the Steiner Brothers.  Despite Cornette claiming that the footage shows the Bodies destroying the Steiners the opposite is true as the Steiners are shown dishing out most of the punishment.  After that is done, Commissioner Bob Armstrong is in the segment.  Cornette asks Armstrong to referee the Sunday Bloody Sunday six-man tag fairly, with Armstrong promising that he will.

The Dynamic Duo defeat the Wolfman & Anthony Michaels when Unabom pins the Wolfman after a unabomb at 2:11:

Michaels also wrestled under a mask as Fire of the Infernos and later wrestled in ECW as Snot Dudley.  The Dynamic Duo is the name given to Al Snow’s team with Unabom.  When the match starts, Snow decides to spend the match with the commentators as Unabom beats the jobbers single handedly.  Snow cracks jokes about the Rock N’ Roll Express since the Wolfman has blonde hair and Michaels has black hair.

After the bell, the Duo beat up the jobbers until the Express show up and make the save.  Ricky Morton gets the house mic and challenges the Duo to an impromptu match.  Snow accepts the challenge.

Non-Title Match:  The Dynamic Duo (1-0) defeat the Rock N’ Roll Express (SMW Tag Team Champions) (1-0) via disqualification when Ricky Morton uses a chair at 2:40:

Unlike the squash match, Snow engages in this one and starts the match for his team.  Since these teams are booked to face each other at two big weekend cards this is meant to give the audience a taste of what they might see.  The Express dominate until Snow pulls down the middle rope so he can toss Morton into the ring post and the heels can work over Robert Gibson.  Morton is bloodied off-camera as he stumbles around like he has a concussion.  He reappears with a chair, getting the SMW tag team champions disqualified, but it does force the heels to retreat.  Morton’s bloody face angrily looks into the camera to end the show.

Tune in next week to see the New Wild-Eyed Southern Boys wrestle the Gangstas!

The Last Word:  The Dynamic Duo tag team has a lot of potential and their feud with the Rock N’ Roll Express should be fun.  Billy Black had a rather pedestrian debut on this show, but he will probably take a prominent position in future weeks since the promotion desperately needs new midcard talent.

SMW ran a few house shows in Eastern Kentucky before Brawl in the Hall.  Here were the results of those shows courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Ashland, Kentucky – National Guard Armory – February 18, 1995 (400):  Boo Bradley pinned Chris Candido in a “loser eats dog food” match…SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express defeated the Dynamic Duo via disqualification…The Dirty White Boy pinned Buddy Landel…The Heavenly Bodies & Bobby Blayze beat the Gangstas & D’Lo Brown when Blayze pinned Brown.

Erlanger, Kentucky – Peel’s Place – February 24, 1995 (400):  Tracy Smothers pinned D’Lo Brown after about twelve minutes of action…Boo Bradley pinned Chris Candido in a “loser eats dog food” match…SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express defeated the Dynamic Duo via disqualification…Buddy Landel defeated the Dirty White Boy in a no disqualification, no time limit match…Dan Severn beat NWA World Champion Chris Candido in about ten minutes to win the title…The Gangstas defeated the Heavenly Bodies in about twenty-five minutes.

No fan cam footage exists for the Brawl in the Hall show in Johnson City, Tennessee.  The card drew 1,200 to Freedom Hall and here were the results of that card according to prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Boo Bradley (6-0) beat Chris Candido (0-2) in a “loser eats dog food” match

-The Gangstas & D’Lo Brown defeated the New Wild-Eyed Southern Boys & Bob Armstrong when Mustafa pinned Scott

-SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express (1-1) defeated the Dynamic Duo (2-0) via disqualification

-The Dirty White Boy (1-2) beat SMW Champion Jerry Lawler (1-0) via disqualification

-The Heavenly Bodies (0-0-1) defeated the Gangstas (1-0-1) in a street fight.

Up Next:  Sunday Bloody Sunday II!

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