Cancelling the network

So Vince has proved, now more than ever, that the bottom line is all that really motivates him. Pretty much everyone can agree that these empty arena shows a) suck and b) needlessly endanger the health of those working them.

So isn’t it the case that if you feel the WWE is making the wrong call with this that the best way to get that message to Vince is by cancelling the network.

I myself have two children who are in the high risk category. We’ve been self isolating as a family for nearly 5 weeks now. If either of my kids gets it then we are facing a very grim outcome. Therefore I’ve cancelled my network subscription as I cannot support a company being so cavalier with the health of their own employees, as well as showing so little regard for those who depend on social distancing to reduce their risk of exposure.

Maybe if enough people pulled the plug on the network Vince would realise what a big misstep this is.

People have already been cancelling the Network in droves and Vince hasn’t cared.  Plus there’s good people who work in the Network division that I wouldn’t want to lose their jobs.  Even though some already have today.