The Tuesday Night Streaming Thread – April 14, 2020

OK, so no one’s interested in older episodes of NWA Powerrr.  MESSAGE RECEIVED.  Back to Attitude Era RAW tomorrow.

However, tonight we get the complete Crockett Cup 2019 match between Aldis and Scurll on NWA’s YouTube channel as they continue to fill time with old stuff.  I was hoping for more Houston Wrestling, but beggars can’t be choosers during a pandemic.

Also, AEW Dark has another quickie episode at 20:00 long.

RAW managed to find a new ratings bottom level, but I’m sure Linda will donate to a SuperPAC and have Trump declare that everything but RAW is non-essential and thus it wins.  He’s got absolute power, you know.  He said so.

Have a great night and stay safe.