The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – Episodes 8 and 9 (11.26.19)

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 11.26.19

Episode 8 – “Step Into the Fire”

Continuing on with my NWA Powerrr catchup while the show is on Corona-hiatus, with the shows following the Cornette racist joke.  Once we’re done with this one and the next, I’ll probably do the “Into the Fire” PPV to fully get up to date again.


Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your host is Joe Galli, as Jim Cornette has been expunged from the show already and this is a filler show while they figure out what to do.  To say this one killed a lot of their momentum is a giant understatement, as they never really recovered from the Cornette deal fully.


Joe Galli has BREAKING NEWS, as Nick Aldis will face whoever his challenger might be in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Into the Fire.

Meanwhile, Eli Drake chats with Dave Marquez at an NWA Championship from Hollywood show recently.  Drake talks about how people are comparing him to the Rock, Steve Austin and Ric Flair, which is OK.  Just for the sake of completeness, I should note that people are saying he’s trying to ACT like them, not that he’s on their level. But also Nick Aldis also says Drake is trying to be like HIM (with a “cheerio” added so we know it’s Aldis saying it).  So that “chaps his ass”, but he’ll put it on the backburner because people are also talking about how he’s like Ken Anderson and that comparison offends him as well.  So that’s going to be his focus now.

Next week:  The Rock N Roll Express challenge the Wild Cards for the NWA World tag team titles!  I feel like it’s kind of padding things to be counting the RNR’s post-Crockett tag title reigns just to get to the “Nine time champion” number. But hey, it’s wrestling, whatevs.

Meanwhile, Thunder Rosa does some MMA training at the gym.  While wearing facepaint.  She stops to joke about it, at least.  This is apparently leading to a Combates Americas fight.  Rosa is likeable here but this is complete time-killer.

Joe Galli has more BREAKING NEWS:  Colt Cabana will defend the National title against someone to be determined next week.

Aron Stevens and the Question Mark join Marquez at the desk, as they’re apparently being punished for attacking Ricky Starks last week, with an empty arena match where Question Mark is facing Zane Dawson and has to unmask if he loses.  This was a hasty reshoot in the empty arena to do the angle for the PPV after the Cornette stuff happened.

Zane Dawson v. The Question Mark

Question Mark attacks with KARATE to start, but gets choked out on the ropes.  Mark comes back with a missile dropkick to set up the MONGROVIAN SPIKE for the pin at 1:10.  The empty arena looked super weird at the time, but now…yeah.

So now the Dawsons have to recite Shakespeare and they get all into it while Stevens pukes into a garbage can in disgust.

Joe Galli has more BREAKING NEWS for the PPV, as Trevor Murdoch, who I’ve heard from various sources is pretty tough, will be facing Question Mark.

Meanwhile, Melina shows up to join with Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle.  So Galli sits down for an interview with her and I fast forward.

This week’s show is going NOWHERE and is by the far the worst one they’ve ever done.

Meanwhile, more from Thunder Rosa’s MMA aspirations.

And Galli does more PPV hype and announces James Storm as the opponent for Nick Aldis to wrap things up.

Holy shit this was bad.  So, so bad.  There was absolutely nothing worth watching here.  This actually wasn’t even worth posting as a review by itself.

Let’s move to the next week and hopefully they get their shit together enough to actually produce a show this time.


Episode 9 – “One More Time”


Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your host is Joe Galli.

Colt Cabana v. Ricky Starks

Colt is the National champion at this point but this is non-title.  Aron Stevens interrupts at the desk before the match starts, complaining that everyone else gets title shots, but he can’t.  Also, he’s plugging his ears so he can’t hear anyone speaking anyway.  Colt counters that Aron isn’t even a professional wrestler and hasn’t earned a shot.  He’s nothing but an ACTOR.  So if he can beat Starks, he’ll get a shot at the National title.

Aron Stevens v. Ricky Starks

Aron attacks and uses his scarf to take Ricky down, but Ricky comes back with a sling blade and a spear for two.  But Aron claims a crippling knee injury off the bump, and everyone stops to attend to him, at which point Question Mark comes in and puts Starks down with KAH-RAH-TAY and Stevens gets the pin at 2:29 and then does a kip up and cartwheel to emphasize how not hurt he actually was.  So Stevens gets a shot at Cabana’s National title at the PPV.  This was pretty funny, actually, because it was so ridiculously obvious where it was going but they were 100% dedicated to selling the gag.  Nothing to the match, of course.  ½*

Joe Galli has the Into the Fire PPV update:  Nick Aldis defends the NWA title against James Storm in a 2/3 falls match, and now they get to choose their own referees for the first two falls.  We get words from James Storm, who complains about not being booked on the first NWA Powerrr show and CONSPIRACIES against him.  Stuff like segments getting edited out of the show, including a three-way he won to get the title shot.  That DOES seem like a pretty important match to leave out of the show.  So anyway, James is picking Brian Hebner to be his referee for the first fall.

Meanwhile, George South is busy cutting a promo in 1979, but Danny Deals interrupts to shill for Highspots.

Meanwhile, the Question Mark visits a wrestling convention and meets Stevie Ray and Teddy Long.

Meanwhile, at WrestleCade, Nick Aldis meets up with the Great Muta.  Muta was looking SAD there.

Melina stops by for an interview with Dave Marquez, and she talks some shit about Allysin Kay.  So Kay offers to make it happen RIGHT NOW, but of course Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa storm out and attack Kay instead.

Nick Aldis has his rebuttal to James Storm and his conspiracy theories.  He points out that the three-way was never supposed to happen, but Storm forced his way into it and the match was terrible, and so the segment was deleted.   But Aldis requested Storm for his challenger, and so he gets the title shot because the squeaky wheel gets the grease and Storm is gonna DROWN in grease.  Also, he’s picking Tim Storm for his referee.  As for what’s going on with Kamille, she’s got other stuff going on and it’s making her ineffective as his manager, so he’s giving her the night off at the PPV.

NWA World tag team titles:  Royce Isaacs & Thom Latimer v. The Rock N Roll Express

Latimer overpowers Morton and slugs him down to start, but the RNR get him in the corner and do some double-teaming.  Over to Isaacs, who escapes a full nelson from Gibson and beats on him in the corner.  Robert charges and hits the post and the champs go to work on the arm.  Isaacs slugs away and Latimer comes in and misses a corner splash, and it’s hot tag Ricky.  He cleans house and gets a sleeper on Isaacs, but Latimer breaks it up.  Double dropkick on Latimer gets two, but Isaacs makes the save and Morton is tossed. But then he shoves Isaacs into Latimer and rolls him up to win the titles at 5:00.  Super basic match, of course.  **  Jim Cornette runs into the ring to celebrate with them in a nice moment that also acted as Cornette’s exit from the promotion.

Joe Galli gives a very nice thank you and goodbye to Cornette as we wrap it up with a rundown of the PPV card and then meet new color commentator Stu Bennett.

Next up:  NWA’s Into the Fire PPV!  I actually had ordered the show on Fite.TV originally and then got a refund once the Cornette stuff went down.  But I’ve got tons of PPV credits saved up so I’ll order it again and give it a look this week before catching up with the two episodes I’m still missing.  Frankly these two were complete junk outside of the RNR match but then the promotion was kind of a mess due to the Cornette situation so it’s not unexpected.