Smackdown – November 11, 2005

Date: November 11, 2005
Location: Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

We’re coming up on Survivor Series at the end of the month and Raw has mostly assembled its team. That means Smackdown needs to do the same while also setting up anything else it has to do for the show. Things are getting a little more interesting due to the big story but each side needs to do their own part as well. Let’s get to it.

Teddy Long addresses the Smackdown locker room, giving them a pep talk about how Eric Bischoff has said Raw is the better show. Tonight, they’re proving Raw wrong as we get ready for Survivor Series. That’s why Batista is going to be on the team but tonight, he’s beating up Edge to send him back to Raw. The rest of the team is going to be decided tonight, with Randy Orton’s qualifying match up first. Orton accurately points out that he’s awesome at Survivor Series and shouldn’t have to qualify but Long is a bit by the book.

Opening sequence.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio

Bob Orton is here with Randy. Mysterio gets caught in an early headlock as Bob brags about his boy. A headscissors sends Orton flying into the corner but he knocks Rey into the corner to take over. Rey goes chest first into the middle buckle and there’s a hard whip to send him back first in as well. The rare standing chinlock goes on but Rey manages to send him outside for a big flip dive as we take a break.

Back with Orton having to fight out of a headscissors so Rey bulldogs him for two instead. Bob breaks up the 619 though and Randy sends Rey HARD into the post. A big knee drop gives Orton two but Rey scores with a dropkick for the same. Rey’s rollup gets two more and a crucifix gets the third near fall in a row. The 619 misses though and Orton hits a hard clothesline. Another 619 attempt connects but Bob breaks up the West Coast Pop for the DQ.

Rating: C+. I’m a little surprised that Orton isn’t on the team but it’s not like Rey is a horrible choice and it wouldn’t shock me to see Orton get on there eventually. That being said, Bob needs to go away already. It’s fine to have someone like him around, but Randy doesn’t need him and it is starting to get annoying. Nice match though as these two have some chemistry.

Post match the double beatdown is on but Matt Hardy runs in for the save.

Post break, Randy is ready to end Hardy because the RKO is powerful.

Here’s MNM for a chat though Melina’s back is still banged up after last week. We see a clip of Eddie Guerrero giving her a frog splash but Melina is here anyway. She brings out Michelle Deighton from America’s Next Top Model and gives her some backhanded insults about being so beautiful that it was a surprise she didn’t win. Melina declares her a C list celebrity so Michelle shoves her down. That earns her a choke in the corner but here are the Mexicools for the save. The fight is on and the Mexicools stand tall to set up the next title program. Michelle dances with the Mexicools for a bonus.

Video on Bobby Lashley.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Orlando Jordan

Jordan doesn’t even get an entrance to show you how far he’s fallen. Some early strikes don’t do much good on Lashley, who snaps off a suplex to send Jordan flying. A clothesline puts Jordan on the floor for a bit and the Dominator is good for the easy pin.

Edge and Lita try to get out of tonight’s street fight. That’s fine with Teddy, but Edge has to tell Batista himself.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Mr. Kennedy vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie hammerlocks him to start so Kennedy goes straight to the ropes early on. Kennedy gets in a cheap shot to the jaw and Eddie can’t help but smile. A whip into the corner drops Kennedy but he elbows Eddie in the face for two. We’re back to the hammerlock, albeit on Eddie for a change this time. That’s broken up as well so Eddie hits Three Amigos, only to have the ref get bumped. Eddie smiles as only he can and grabs the chair….which he slams on the mat and throws to Kennedy. Somehow, that’s enough for the referee to DQ Kennedy and send Eddie to Survivor Series.

Rating: C. I’m going to ignore the big picture here until next week. This was vintage Eddie and I could watch that grin for days. It’s similar to Ric Flair turning on Sting back in 1995: you know exactly what he is going to do but it still makes people happy because it’s such a perfectly done story for Eddie and the fans went right along with it the whole way. Kennedy is protected too and it’s all such a nice piece of business.

Post match Kennedy chairs Eddie in the head and Eddie can’t get to his feet.

Post break Eddie is checked for a concussion when Batista comes in to check on him.

Pierrothito vs. Todd Stone

Juniors match with Palmer Cannon on commentary. Todd knocks him down and walks over Pierrothito as the announcers talk about ratings. A kickout sends Stone onto the referee a few times but Pierrothito takes him down and drops a top rope elbow for the pin. They kept it short here.

Edge leaves Lita to go find Batista. The Boogeyman pops up and Lita runs off.

Undertaker is back at Survivor Series.

Edge tries to talk Batista out of it because they’re both big stars. Batista says they’re alike, but unlike Edge, he shows up when he promises to be there. The match is still on.

The Dicks are ready to face Animal/Heidenreich next week. Several penis jokes are included.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Chris Benoit

Jillian Hall is here with JBL. Benoit gets powered into the corner to start but comes right back with some chops and a snap suplex. A pair of neckbreakers put Benoit down again and the elbow drop gets two. The forearms to the back and neck set up a waistlock as Cole is already tired of Jillian. Benoit comes back with the rolling German suplexes and loads up the Swan Dive, only to be distracted by Booker and Sharmell (now wearing a tiara).

Back from a break with Booker and Sharmell on commentary and JBL sending Benoit into the announcers’ table. We hit the bearhug as Booker insists that he is only here for some friendly commentary. JBL loads up a superplex but Benoit headbutts his way to freedom and hits a top rope shoulder. The rolling German suplexes drop JBL again and there’s the Swan Dive for a delayed two.

The Sharpshooter is broken up with a poke to the eye but the Clothesline From JBL is countered into a failed Crossface attempt. JBL can’t get a powerbomb though and now the Sharpshooter goes on. Booker tries to break it up but Benoit cuts him off, only to walk into the Clothesline to give JBL the pin.

Rating: C+. They worked well enough together though the match was more of a waiting game until Booker interfered one way or another. What we got was pretty good though and you could have seen either of them winning. This should set up Benoit vs. Booker at the pay per view and that’s fine for everyone involved.

Raw Rebound.

Edge vs. Batista

Non-title street fight and Edge, with Lita, is in street clothes. Hold on though as Eric Bischoff is in the back but Teddy Long won’t let him in. Cue Chris Masters with the Masterlock on Long before riding off in the limo. Cue the Smackdown locker room to chase after him in JBL’s limo. Back in the arena, Kane and Big Show come in and destroy Batista. The lowest level of Smackdown wrestlers come out for the save and it goes as badly as you would expect. A double chokeslam to Batista ends the show. No match obviously, but a good angle.

Overall Rating: C+. The wrestling was better than usual here and there was nothing too terrible. I’ve liked the Raw vs. Smackdown story the whole time and this was no exception as it’s now Smackdown’s turn to retaliate against Raw. There was a big theme to this whole show and I dug what we got out of it, but we’ll get back to that in a few weeks as it’s time for the sad part.

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