Question for your blog

Hey Scott

WWF was able to draw stadium sized crowds of 40-50,000+ for WrestleMania III (with Hogan vs Andre), and WrestleMania VI (Hogan vs Warrior).  Could they have done the same for WrestleMania V (Hogan vs Savage) or WrestleMania VII (if the headline match was Warrior vs Savage instead of Hogan vs Slaughter)?  The storylines leading into the Hogan/Savage and Warrior/Savage matches were so compelling and well crafted, that I just don't understand how they *couildn't* have drawn big crowds.

They absolutely would have drawn a stadium crowd for Hogan v. Savage, but in fact they made more money off Trump's high rollers because it was a sold show anyway.  

Warrior-Savage?  I don't think so.  It was already announced for the “stadium” show and they only sold 15,000 or so tickets.