Pressure or lack of it


This shit is really getting out of hand.

Couple questions-  I know Vince has a deal with fox and USA.  But is the reasoning for him pushing live ttv  because he needs to hit a certain number for ratings? I remember hearing that fox could void the deal if the ratings tank. But this is a special circumstance right? 

Also- do you think there will be any pressure from Fox or USA to Vince to cancel these shows?  This can’t be a good look for them public relations wise.

I’m still shocked Fox signed a deal with them during all Saudislam events that they run over there.

Really there's no “good guys” in this whole scenario.  Vince is obviously paranoid about losing the TV money due to breaching his contract, and probably rightly so.  The networks are going to losing hundreds of millions and if they can cut costs by screwing over the programming that's carrying them through this, then they probably will.  Is it “right”?  Of course not.  Everyone involved are horrible people.  However, the wrestlers and non-wrestling personnel who are faced with an infectious disease because of all this are the real victims and no one getting sick and dying is worth any amount of money.  Hot take, I know.