Daily News Update – April 11, 2020

And a happy weekend to you.  Even though the days of the week literally have no meaning now.

DATELINE:  The XFL officially ceased operations and shut down yesterday, with everyone getting laid off.  As noted by Meltzer on the F4W board, “When you’re worth 2.5 billion losing $300 million isn’t that bad, but when you’re worth $1.2 billion then it’s a lot scarier.”

DATELINE:  The Revival were finally granted their release on the same day, although it’s not known if there’s a non-compete in place or not.  Either way AEW is taped for a couple of a months in advance anyway.  Their names are now Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood.  Sounds like a couple of extras from Boogie Nights, not gonna lie.

DATELINE:  Apparently the UFC 249 show was specifically killed by ESPN parent company Disney due to pressure from the government.  Don’t mess with the Mouse, bro.

Hey, if you’re looking more cheap MMA and wrestling entertainment during the quarantine, Fite.TV is now offering Fite Plus, where you get access to a shitload of stuff for $5 a month.  I think I get a commission if you sign up through the link, but even I didn’t, Fite has always been awesome to deal with and a huge help to me so I’m happy to give back where I can.


Enjoy some OTT to start your morning!