The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 02.08.86

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 02.08.86

Time for some more Crockett.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver

Let us take you back to World Championship Wrestling from the weekend, as the Four Horsemen brawl with Ronnie Garvin and Dusty Rhodes and end up on the losing side.

BUT FIRST!  The Andersons have been stripped of the National tag team titles for not defending them within 30 days.  And they would never be defended again, in fact.

The Russians join us, and Ivan Koloff has challenged that punk Magnum TA, just because he wants to know how good he is.  Also, Baron Von Raschke has joined the Russian team in an AXIS OF POWER.  Yeah, that didn’t really work out so well for the Germans the first time around, but I suppose things can change.

The Rock N Roll Express v. Jim & Mac Jeffers

The RNR clear the ring with double atomic drops to start and double-team Mac with elbows to the gut.  Jim comes in and eats a double dropkick and he’s pinned at 1:42 as the arena comes UNGLUED.

Manny Fernandez is here and he’s still getting over Vietnam, man, but then Arn Anderson hit him with a chair and now he’s coming after the TV title because he’s not a loser.

Ric Flair is here to teach us the difference between a Scotsman and a Scotswoman:  The tilt of their kilt.  Also, if the NWA had just allowed him to defend the National tag titles with Arn Anderson, they would have shown the “two goofs with scarves around their ankles and teeny-bopper fans with training bras” a thing or two.

Baron Von Raschke v. Tony Zane

Baron takes Zane down with an armbar and pounds him on the ropes, then goose-steps into the IRON CLAW at 1:33.

Tully Blanchard wants us to know that Jimmy Valiant is no longer a problem after they took him out last week, but now Tully has to deal with Dusty carrying his woman around and also his National title.  Valiant was the sacrificial lamb and Tully is the butcher!

The Barbarian v. Gene Ligon

Barbarian tosses Ligon down off the lockup and adds a press slam and powerslam, then goes up and finishes him off with a flying headbutt at 1:10.

Dusty Rhodes and his goddamn fur coat are here, and he reminds Tully that he’ll always be remembered for going “I Quit!” over and over.  Also, he wants to make it abundantly clear that he’s having sexual intercourse with Baby Doll.  Ew.

The Road Warriors v. The Golden Terror & Thunderfoot. 

Hawk blitzes them and pins the Terror with a clothesline at 0:20.

Sam Houston, who as a reminder is the Mid-Atlantic champion and supposedly the #1 guy in the territory.  And now he’s one step closer to Ric Flair’s World title.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!  Yeah, right, dream on.

The Road Warriors have been reading newspapers and stuff, and Hawk has learned that in Soviet Russia, they tell you what time to get up and when to go to bed.  But if any Russian ever tells him what to do, they’ll have to get a piece of the Warriors.

The Midnight Express v. Rocky King & Pez Whatley

The jobbers double-team Eaton for a bit, but King gets dragged into the MX corner and he gets worked over.  And then Condrey finishes him off with a brainbuster at 1:23.

Arn Anderson is pretty miserable because Ole Anderson is still out with an injury, and he holds Dusty PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE.  Also, while Manny Fernandez was “in a swamp in Vietnam” he was banging cheerleaders in high school so maybe he should get over it.

The Rock N Roll Express and Ron Garvin join us next, and Ricky Morton hates liars.  So do his ex-wives.

Challenge match:  Magnum TA v. Ivan Koloff

Ivan beats on Magnum to start, but misses an elbow and Magnum goes to work on the arm.  Koloff fights him off and goes up, but Magnum brings him down with a samoan drop and drops a fist for two.  Magnum goes back to the arm as the crowd is just losing their shit, and he hits a back elbow and goes to another armbar as we take a break.

Back with another interview with Sam Houston for some reason, and he stumbles over his promo to the point where they probably should have just pulled the plug and redid it later.  He’s, um, full of, um, determination and maybe he’s gonna be World champion in 10 years if Dusty Rhodes doesn’t win it first.

OK, back to the match, as Magnum dodges an elbow from Ivan and goes to an abdominal stretch, but Ivan pulls the hair to escape.  Ivan tries a suplex and Magnum reverses to his own for two and then gets a small package for two.  Ivan catches him in a cobra clutch from behind, but Magnum makes the ropes to break.  Ivan chokes him on the ropes for two and tries another cobra clutch, but Magnum slips out and gets a dropkick, then hits the belly to belly, at which point Nikita runs in for the DQ at about 8:00.  The Russians proceed to brutalizing him, but Dusty Rhodes saves and Nikita lays HIM out too.  Baby Doll comes in and goes after Nikita to no effect, so the Russians go after her and Dusty shoves her aside and takes the Russian Sickle in her place to save her.  And then the Road Warriors charge in to chase off the Russians for good.  Super hot angle to close things out this week.

Man, watching this week with the huge super-hot crowd and parade of star power, you have to wonder how Crockett could have possibly gone bankrupt within two years.  And yet he managed it.