The ESSENTIAL Thursday Night Thread: April 9, 2020

I swear, I’ll be a spokeman for DayQuil if I get famous.  That KOs my headache every time.

BREAKING NEWS: UFC 249 and all other UFC events for the near future are canceled and shut down.  Experts attribute this about face to “someone finally realizing Dana White was clinically insane”.  White said he was ready to go but “things were taken out of his control”, which seems like a fancy way of saying “people finally realized I have more money than common sense”.

I can speak from experience (well, secondhand experience, anyway) that there are some wrestlers who should never be told by management “take all the time you need”.  Gargano and Ciampa appear to be in that category.

Hey, stick around after the jump for some Indie Prime Cuts!

As someone who became a huge fan of Uncharted Territory, I can say one of their highlights was the all-New England based Tournament For Tomorrow.  Here’s a supercut playlist of all 7 matches!

So with the new social distancing rules in effect, a lot of people wonder how this will affect wrestling in the future.  Leave it to Joey Janela to come up with an idea so insane it just might work.  (Narrator: he’s not serious.)

Ethan Page challenged for the Black Label Pro Tag Titles, but didn’t mention a partner.  Here’s the match.  So who’s he teaming with?  Or is he really gonna go it alone?

It’s old hat to say MMA guys transition well to pro wrestling, but few get the sports entertainment side as well as Tom Lawlor did/does.  Here he is in AIW facing their gatekeeper veteran Louis Lyndon!


And we end on a future PPV Main Event!  How many people would like to see Aleister Black challenge Drew McIntyre for the title?  Well, here it is!